Online Learning: Role of Software in Virtual Classroom

It’s now been more than a year since the start of COVID-19 and the World Health Organization confirmed it as a pandemic. While countries are at a diverse position in their COVID 19 infection rates, currently there are more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries affected by the shutting down of schools in this pandemic. The most common term used by everybody in this pandemic is ‘new normal. And the new normal in the education system is online teaching through mobile or desktop.

A draft version of India’s 2020-2021 budget outlines the importance of online learning and how it is reforming India’s education system and expanding its approach to higher education. Teachers are using various technologies and the best online software for virtual classrooms to make e-learning more interesting and valuable to students.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, before the pandemic, most educational institutions had fewer faculty members than required but with the evolving technology of online learning, the information can be passed to many with just one click. In these difficult times of pandemic, it is helping us a lot to teach more interestingly.

Deciding the best software for online teaching for your educational institute is a big deal. It should largely depend on the size of your student base and organization, a particular subject, budget, and any additional needs. The online software should be easy to use, connect, and control. Most students don’t have a personal computer to attend online classes. So, software which has the feature of mobile support is more reliable for online learning.

How online software reformed the traditional education system?

In today’s world, online learning is acknowledged as the best and most technological aid in both academic as well as corporate areas. Many professionals are in search of gaining knowledge through online mode by sitting at home or office. Well in India, technology is at its development phase in e-learning and this digital revolution paved a way for many opportunities for people who want to study in a different city, state, or country.

There is much best software for online teaching which helps tutors in engaging with students in many ways such as multi-user whiteboard, chats, polling, break out rooms, etc to make it an interesting video lecture. It permits even those students who are living in small towns, by online teaching through desirable software they can get access to any video lecture sitting anywhere in the country. The online software for teaching has many tools to make e-learning more realistic and easy than classroom learning.

Online software helps you to conduct virtual classrooms for businesses and helps them streamline processes related to online teaching, class scheduling, training, and more. It offers more opportunities than a physical classroom as it allows you to use a screen sharing feature, a real-classroom feel with a whiteboard, files upload, etc. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have your personal computer as many online teaching software also allows online teaching through mobile.

It also helps in delivering educational courses or training programs to students through a rich set of elements that allows administration, documentation, tracking, and evaluation. Instructors can track student’s progress, administer tests and assignments, and can manage records. It acts as an online classroom with live video, crystal clear audio, multiple whiteboards, screen sharing, and many more for the valuable learning of students. All these features make online learning through software more interactive and valuable than traditional learning in classrooms by increasing the quality and level of education.

Among the many advantages of learning through online software, you will also find it more joyous and flexible, reduces the cost of your degree, and can easily allow you to build your career sitting at home. The best software for online teaching builds an interactive virtual classroom where you can learn to be more communicative and interactive, which was lacking in traditional learning. The mobile support for iOS and android of this online software makes online learning more portable and accessible.

“The use of technology coupled with bold decisions can help India leapfrog into inclusive growth and improve the quality of health and education.”- Bill Gates

This statement is given by the founder of one of the world’s largest technology companies and stipulates that the use of technology may help India to get placed among the top countries in the field of education. India is digitizing education through many online teaching software by keeping in mind the affordability and accessibility of the large youth population. With the help of technological creativity, the idea of ‘anytime, anywhere education gets the impetus it deserves.

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