Pull in the pocket, looking for a cheap trip, go out on a Sundarbans trip on the weekend.

Only a few days off in hand. In between, he is thinking of returning from somewhere for two or three days! The Sundarbans is in front. During the winter solstice, tigers can also be seen on the river during the night

Pull in your pocket, but you are thinking of going somewhere at a low cost. Let’s see the Sundarbans before it gets hot. Sundarban is a tiger project area, plan quickly. There is detailed information. What to see: The Sundarbans is usually divided into two parts. On one side, there is a tiger project area. On the other side, there is a dense forest—a collection of beautiful and garan trees. All in all, this area of ​​the Sundarbans is a beautiful place.
Tourists usually stay at the launch in the hope of seeing tigers

There is a tiger project area where we can see crocodiles. The vast Sundarbans can be seen on the Watchtower. How to get there: Get to Canning Station by train or car Sonakhali Gut from there. From there, you will have to travel by ferry or steamer, launch through a massive body of water. Where to stay: Tourists usually stay at the launch in the hope of seeing tigers. There are several points in the Sundarbans region. You can also spend the night in the cottage by choosing one of them. You can make  Booking here through various websites. How much does it cost: There is not much cost for this trip. On the contrary,  you will find the stock of impeccable positions cheaply. The per capita cost of accommodation will be 3500 rupees.

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