Recruiters Are Looking for You to Have These Skills. Here’s Why.

The work-from-home job market has generated many opportunities for lucrative remote career paths. New digital workplaces and changing business trends have altered the in-demand skillsets and careers in 2022. A recent study by Adobe CC uncovered the most in-demand skillsets for the most lucrative career paths of 2022. Modern businesses require creative thinking, digital efficiency, and collaborative teams to remain competitive. Here are the skills most in-demand in 2022.

Technical Proficiencies

New digital business tools have allowed companies to fully adapt to digital workplaces and remote workforces since the start of the pandemic. It’s more important than ever for job applicants to develop their digital proficiencies to succeed in a virtual business environment. Developing in-demand tech skills can land you a high-paying job such as web development, graphic design, or data analysis.

Adobe CC for Students looked at skills that landed entry-level professionals higher paying salaries and more lucrative career opportunities. “Among those who didn’t prepare for their career while still in school, our survey showed that 56% believed they would have received a higher starting salary if they’d had more knowledge of the required hard skills beforehand.” Young professionals preparing to enter the workforce will benefit from gaining experience using their desired profession’s specialized software and tools. Developing these hard skills early makes you a more valuable asset to a company and will most likely help you land a much higher starting salary than those who require more time and training to learn the tools of the trade.

Collaborative Skills

The success of a digital workplace requires effective collaboration across remote employees. Highlighting your collaborative skills can highlight your ability to work well independently and on a team. Interpersonal skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and empathy are crucial to working effectively with others. Time management and organizational skills are also critical in a virtual workplace for personal accountability and team success. Digital business solutions include collaborative software that allows remote employees to work together creatively. Collaboration tools could consist of communication software or a document management system for sharing and creating files. Gaining proficiency with these business tools, and showcasing your interpersonal skills, can put you ahead in the workplace and make you a more competitive candidate for lucrative positions.  

Visual Communication Skills

Of the technical skills in highest demand, visual communication remains at the top of the list. Visual communication skills allow you to create engaging assets such as presentations, social media posts, sales pitches, etc. Today, more business and commerce takes place online than ever before, making the digital marketing landscape highly competitive. Businesses need a solid and attention-grabbing online presence to remain competitive. The demand for professionals who create stunning assets continues to grow as companies search for new ways to engage with and attract consumers. The more engaging content a company makes, the more significant the opportunity to reach its audience and land conversions. As a competitive job applicant in 2022, having a solid understanding of digital marketing and visual design basics can help you land a lucrative position.

The 2022 business world relies on new business tech, software solutions, and a skilled remote workforce that can effectively utilize these new technologies. Lucrative work-from-home career opportunities are more accessible than ever before. You can become a competitive job applicant by improving your in-demand skillsets and thinking creatively within high-demand industries.

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