Removing Car Stickers from Your Vehicle: Six Critical Steps to Follow

Custom-printed car decals or stickers are amazing advertising tools. Users can install these stickers on their car bumpers or windows to promote brands, ideas, products, or services. Users can install these water, sunlight, and damage-resistant stickers on their cars and use them for decades. For many small-scale business owners, bumper sticker branding is an essential marketing tactic.

The best car stickers in the market are made of highly durable materials capable of withstanding moisture or sunlight damage. These stickers also don’t feature any adhesives. They’re easy to apply and peel off as they don’t leave any adhesive spots or marks. However, car owners must still be very careful while applying these stickers to their cars.

Even non-adhesive car decals can leave scratches or stains on the car’s paintwork in some rare cases. Thankfully, there are sure-fire techniques of removing old stickers without propping up these risks. Here are six simple but critical steps car owners must follow while removing old decals from their cars’ surfaces –

1. Clean the Car’s Surface

Before peeling off the stickers, remove any dirt on the car’s surface. Use soapy water to slowly clean the dirt around the stickers. Ensure not to scratch the car’s paint while performing this cleaning process. Avoid using cleaning brushes with hard bristles. Instead, simply use soft microfibers and soap water.

2. Heat the Stickers

After washing the car’s surface, fetch a hairdryer. Turn it on and hold it two to three inches away from the stickers. Then, blow the hot air over the stickers. This heat will loosen up the stickers. Never apply too much heat on the car’s surface, or its paint may warp or crack. Heat guns can also be used for this step.

3. Peel the Stickers

Typically, people use their fingernails to peel off stickers. But since we’re dealing with sensitive car surfaces, using thin, plastic sheets to get under the stickers is safer. Your fingernails or a razor blade may scratch the car’s surface. Coat the car’s surface with cleaning products to avoid ripping or tearing the stickers while peeling.

The cleaning agents will ensure that the plastic sheets run smoothly across the surface while peeling. Start peeling the stickers from different angles to quicken up the process.

4. Scratch Free Peeling

If following these steps doesn’t help you peel the stickers, soak them in white vinegar to loosen them up. Apply the white vinegar and water mixture under all loose edges of the stickers. The stickers will come off instantly after that.

5. Post-Removal Cleaning

Once the stickers are off, remove any sticky residue on the car’s surface. Rub non-acidic cleaning products on the car’s surface. Vinegar, baking soda, and other household cleaning products mixed with water will do the trick.

6. Clean and Wax the Car

Once all stickers have been removed from your car, wash the car’s surface again. Apply soapy washcloths all over the car’s surface. Wax the car afterward to give it an extra layer of protection.

Don’t want to deal with this cleaning process every time you use custom car decals or stickers? Buy only non-adhesive car decals!

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