Review of The Outer Worlds Peril of Gorgon. A must have for fans

They don’t let you make a real Fallout – do something similar to it. With this slogan, F95zone Entertainment released the action RPG The Outer Worlds last year. Retro-futurism may have flown into space, but all the key features of Fallout really remained in place. Not devoid of problems and controversial decisions in game design, the game showed the main thing: Obsidian is able to break into the ranks of the leading developers in the industry and release role-playing games that will take their rightful place in the pantheon of the best. And now, almost a year after the release, the big story addition Peril of Gorgon is coming out for The Outer Worlds . Is this a worthy reason to return to the long-abandoned Outer Worlds?

Peril of Gorgon:

Let’s start with the essentials : Peril of Gorgon isn’t the biggest chunk of content for one of the best RPGs of the past year. Complete completion of all tasks of the add-on will take you about ten hours. And then only if you play thoughtfully and without haste. You can swallow the “Gorgon” in one gulp in three hours, you just have to rush along the quest markers on the sprint, not paying attention to anything else. However, the main attractive feature of Peril of Gorgon is not the duration of the addition, but the quality of performance of its individual components. If you managed to fall in love with this small space colony, in which global corporations shamelessly devour people, then Peril of Gorgon becomes an absolute must-have.

In the best traditions of Obsidian Entertainment, the plot of the add-on is not sewn with white thread somewhere on the side of the main scenario of the game, but is deeply integrated into it. We have to solve one of the most serious and critical crimes of corporations against the population of the colony of Alcyon. The secret project of the Prosto Kosmos company became the embodiment of incompetence, inhumanity and thirst for profit by any means, and its result significantly aggravated the state of affairs in the space settlement.

We admire the consequences of this particular mistake throughout The Outer Worlds – and if you wondered why the inhabitants of the colony are mostly mentally ill, then Peril of Gorgon will answer it in full detail. That alone makes the DLC pretty darn attractive for anyone who loved the original game. Before us is exactly an add-on, not just a content supplement. It complements The Outer Worlds inextricably , and not only provides a similar gameplay experience.

Even if we do not take into consideration the semantic properties of the word “Supplement”, but look exclusively at the content of Peril of Gorgon , we will see a set of tasks in the best traditions of the original game. Even more: this is perhaps the best quest that The Outer Worlds has to offer . The main line is voluminous and intriguing. As we move from a simple task to uncovering the ominous secrets of the laboratories on the asteroid “Gorgon”, there is an increase in suspense, and on our way we will meet many memorable characters and hilarious dialogue lines. At the end, there is a curious plot twist and moral choice that does not have an unambiguously good and bad option. At the end of the add-on, we will not be shown slides with consequences, so we will have to think hard.

The asteroid “Huniepop 2” itself, like other planets of The Outer Worlds , is a corridor with several forks leading to different locations. As a rule, these are abandoned corporate buildings – after the mysterious incident “Just Space” hastily left the asteroid, sealing the laboratories. It is for this reason that the Gorgon is teeming with marauders, adventurers and other dashing space dealers. However, the original game was not very conducive to enhanced exploration and was in no hurry to reward for it – neither will Peril of Gorgon . Here, of course, there is something to see, but do not expect something interesting at every step. The main value of The Outer Worlds is still a rich narrative.

One way or another, all the most interesting is hidden in the locations that we have to visit during our ambitious detective adventure. To understand what happened, it is enough to follow the main plot turns and carefully listen to the dialogues, and if you want to unearth all the dirty secrets of the Just Space experiment, you will have to study the contents of all terminals, go through all corporate mail and personal notes, and then compare this data in your mind and get the picture in full detail.


Perhaps the only drawback of the addition is its reinforced concrete linearity. The investigation will lead us to the final point of one main road, and the ending will determine the decisive choice in the finale. However, even here, the Peril of Gorgon is cut in exactly the same way as the original The Outer Worlds , so you shouldn’t blame her for that.

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