Rick Scott Consultant Josh Cooper Denied the Allegation of Using Ice Penis to Hump Mannequin

A photo is circulating on the media that is just a snapshot taken at a certain inconvenient angle. Cooper is adamant that the photograph does not depict him holding a block of ice that appears in a penis shape next to the groin of the mannequin.

A Tallahassee political consultant called Joshua Cooper, paid a sum of more than $500,000 by a Florida Governor Rick Scott for digging up the dirt on the enemies of Scott over the last few years

Cooper says what the picture looks like is not what the stories are circulating behind that. Scott J Cooper Miami spends most of his spare time working as a barbecue chef and he insists that he was just throwing away a slab of ice while he was cooking in a certain Memphis competition.

Accidentally, someone clicked his camera at the wrong moment and then posted that photo online. According to Cooper, this picture is now making a sexual tableau with that female mannequin.

Well, that alleged picture however looks like he was doing Ice Penis, which may not be true also.

According to Cooper, one of his barbecue teammates took that photo. That was their ice luge that melted, so he was picking it up to throw it over the fence. However, all of a sudden from a certain angle one of his teammates clicked his camera to take the picture. The teammate thought that the picture was funny and so he posted it online.

Therefore, people are inclined to accept this version of events. Cooper was most likely not a person to run around making Ice Penis to anybody he saw. At that moment, he was quite busy making BBQ. During that moment, he must have been too busy since his team was participating in a competition.

In the BBQ cooking world, which is so competitive, one cannot win the first prize if someone is too busy making Ice Penis rather than cooking meat. Therefore, the statement of Josh Cooper seems to be correct.

So, it is now for the reader to draw their own conclusion. Can a Florida GOP Man do Ice Penis? Is that even possible! People who must have spent countless hours of their life at BBQ Fest will surely conclude that it is perhaps just a candid picture, which a dumb friend of Cooper thought was funny enough to post online.

Rick Scott was elected to the United States Senate in 2018 and at present, he is serving his first term as a senator from Florida. Rick Scott served his 2 terms at the capacity of Governor of Florida, who works every day to make a turnaround in the economy of the state and secure the future of the state to its best place for entire families of the state and for the success of entire businesses.

Rick Scott and Ann are married for the last 49 years and they have two daughters Allison and Jordan, 6 grandchildren, Auguste, Eli, Jude, Louie, Quinton, and Sebastian, and one granddaughter Zelda Ann.

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