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Migration activity was known in the world from the ancient time. People always want to have better opportinities for work and better payment. Not every migrant doesn`t know where is the best policy due to people who want to work there. The best marker for it is the growth of economy. And in this case Saudi Arabia is the one of the best country on the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of islam and surrounded by other islamic countries. During thousands of years this state provides other countries by the oil (petroleum). But after the latest oil price collapse the government decided to reduce the oil production. Now Saudi Arabia is fast-developing country. There are many buildings that grow almost every day. One of the greatest project is underground with many metro lines and trains without engine driver. This trains will carry passengers with a high speed to the farthest stations (there will be 85 stations). There will be marble walls and a large condition system. The culture is developing equally here. From 2018 was held Winter at Tantora Festival. A lot of musicians give concerts there. The level of service had got highly quality there (there are restaurants and travel trailers). There are many ancient monuments such as Open Library (has got thousands of texts in Dadanite language) and Madain Saleh is the heritage of Saudi Arabia. There is an idea to build the biggest Disneyland. Some inventions in ecology has real implication. For example there is an Arabian smart house. The furniture made form recycled material. Smart sensores detect what is the temperature in a house. If there is 40% of the light outside the house the light in the house can be 60%.  So there is an economy of resources because the electricity in Saudi Arabia is expensive resource. So Saudis use the sun energy.  So Saudi Arabia is open for buisness and there are some rules of having buisness here:  

  •         It is not reccomended to start buisness meeting with talkings about buisness.It is not correct. First of all it is need to talk about general themes
  •         Saudis require all kinds of commitments and arrangements and so on. They also keep all buisness functions
  •         Arabs need and appreciate personal communication. Avoid to talk any buisness details per messengers or e-mail.
  •         Saudis make namaz 5 days per day. The first one they do at home before a work and the last one they do after work. Be ready for a break
  •         Be ready to have a lunch or dinner with host country without pork or alcohol
  •         Every festive occasion had got dancings with cavalry swords and photos with hawks (hawking is very popular there)
  •         “Spend money where you earn it”- is a unofficial slogan of Saudi`s Arabia economy
  •         Be ready for high temperatures in the summer (almost 60° degrees)
  •         Though the official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabian, most of Arabs know English. So it is good to have a good level of English knowledge for communication
  •         During the meeting there is a tradition to make a collective photo in “G-20 style” in Saudi Arabia

Touristic sphere gain paces and almost everyone can find a job in this sphere. And more than 10 sphres are waiting for workers. So if you are searching jobs in Makkah please welcome to this site. Many people in the world have already found jobs there. Be very attentive with your documents in Saudi Arabia:

  •         You should have llegal personal and jobs documents
  •         It isn`t allowed to have 2 or more passports in this country
  •         You should make a copy of your passport for identification wherever you go

Thousands of happy clients in the world work with pleasure. Work legally in Saudi Arabia with us. 

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