Shake Off the Extra Pounds with Becky Chambers

Everyone wants a body that they can not only flaunt, but one that feels good inside and out. It is for this reason that half the magazine space, TV ads, and even daily conversations centers around weight loss topics. The internet is flooded with weight loss tips, advice, and magical potions claiming to help you drastically lose weight. 

Why fall for these scams when Becky Chambers has a more genuine, healthy, safe, and proven method of helping you lose weight. Obesity and excess weight is a genuine problem that needs to be addressed. However, it should be dealt with through healthy means rather than looking for quick fixes.

Whole-body vibration (WBV), a time-tested treatment for several body conditions, has once again appeared to help improve your health. WBV is a safe alternative to traditional exercise and can be practiced for both fitness and therapeutic purposes. Becky Chambers champions the subject and has recently published her 5th book on the subject, the insightful Whole Body Vibration for Calming Inflammation. This book has invaluable lessons for all people looking to lose weight or deal with other health conditions. 

What Is Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration works by stimulating ligaments and muscles creating an automatic workout that increases blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation, improves joint strength, promotes immune response and flexibility, and many other benefits. WBV also serves as a sensory distraction that disrupts pain signals traveling along the body’s nerve endings. In addition, whole-body vibration is effective for osteoporosis and blood pressure, so that your bone density is maintained or even increased, and your blood pressure and circulation improve.

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By spending just a few minutes on the vibration platform, you can lower inflammation and relieve chronic pain, and improve the long-term health of your spine and joints. Tense muscles relax, relaxing the body and calming irritated nerves. Whole body vibration has numerous natural ways to lower inflammation in the body. The vibration platform sends out powerful vibrations that work on your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves simultaneously.

How Whole Body Vibration Helps In Weight Loss

When you decide to embark on a weight loss journey, it is not just exercise that you need to be diligent about. Your eating habits and lifestyle also play a major role in helping you lose weight. In addition to the whole body vibration machine, consuming a calories-reduced diet will improve your results. 

Vibration machines have proven to be very beneficial for those looking for both internal and external body health. Only 15 to 20 minutes working out on the platform daily can increase your bone strength, aid lymphatic drainage, stimulate muscle fiber contraction, and improve blood circulation. Among all its benefits, weight loss is one of the most exciting and sought after. 

Vibration plates have thus zoomed to prominence as fitness machines used to reduce stubborn body fat. They are also known for their ability to target and train specific body areas, helping you achieve fitness goals faster and more effectively. 

Vibration machines have great flexibility:

  • You can stand on the plate to let the high-frequency vibrations target your whole body. 
  • You can target a specific area such as your belly by lying down on the plate and adjusting the frequency. 
  • To quicken the weight loss process, you can perform your workout on the vibrating plate, creating a more intense and effective workout, and giving you the results you seek in a shorter time.

Health should be our most treasured wealth, and we must take care of and protect this treasure. You can find out more about the amazing health benefits that you can get with whole-body vibration by reading Becky Chambers’ whole body vibration books, which easily found on Amazon. Click here to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site for getting more info. 

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