Signs of A/C Fan Motor Problems

Is your home A/C not working properly? Most homeowners may suspect they have a refrigerant leak, but the problem could be much less or more complicated. Many times fan motor issues are to blame when an A/C stops blowing cold air and an A/C repair in Agua Dulce, CA is needed.     

Keep reading to know what the fan motor in your air conditioner is and what problems it may encounter.

What is an A/C Fan Motor and How Does it Work?

The fan motor is a small but very important part of your central air conditioner. The A/C fan motor sits outside the house and inside the central air conditioner condensing unit.

It helps to circulate cool air inside your home by blowing outside hot, humid conditioned air indoors, depending on which way you set the AC vents. A strong and efficient A/C fan motor will make your home much more comfortable.

If your central A/C’s fan is not working correctly, it may cause a noticeable difference in ambient temperature and can be a safety hazard. You would know if there was something wrong because it would act strangely and probably changes the temperature in your space. An A/C repair in Agua Dulce, CA can help solve this issue. 

Problems With Air Conditioner’s Motor 

The motor in your air conditioning system plays a critical role in cooling your home. Here are the indications that it’s not working well, and a check-up or repair is needed. 

Fan Motor Not Blowing Air When Turned On

If the A/C is running, but the fan blades stop turning, there’s most likely an issue with the fan motor. An experienced technician will be able to quickly diagnose if your fan motor is faulty or not, making replacement easy and quick.

Fan Motor Insufficiently Blows Cold Air

Your faulty A/C may be blowing warm air due to fan motor issues. When this happens, technicians often find the evaporator coil iced up, restricting airflow. It’s best to call a professional as soon as you experience these signs of a malfunctioning fan motor.  The longer you wait for a repair, the more expensive it can become later when you need a whole new unit installed or other cooling problems arise from a lack of proper maintenance.

Heat Pump Fan Motor Failure

Are you using a heat pump in the summer? In heat pump units, you can also find a fan motor that facilitates cooling.  If you hear a humming noise coming from the unit, but no air is being produced, you may have an issue with your fan motor. The belt that drives the blades can become worn down over time, which will cause the motor to fail. It’s best to check out this problem earlier after hearing strange noises or noticing poor performance to prevent further damage throughout the A/C unit.

If you notice these signs of fan motor problems, give your trusted contractor a call. They can provide immediate A/C repair in Agua Dulce, CA. Do not attempt to do the repair yourself, or otherwise, you’ll make the problem even worse. 

Having Trouble with A/C Fan Motor? Call the Experts Now!

The team of experienced professionals at All Heart Heating & Cooling can fix whatever issues you face, including faulty fan A/C motor. Its technicians have experience with common fan motor problems and are ready to help with any A/C repair need you might have. The company services all makes and models of air conditioners in your home and even provides installation and maintenance.

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