Smoky Mountains Cabins: Tips on How To Choose

For those searching for the most unforgettable travel experience when visiting the Smoky Mountains, the best way to go is to rent a cabin. Not only do they provide a much more comfortable feel compared to a hotel, but they also allow guests to enjoy doing everything on their own. From cooking in the wild to enjoying dumb charades by the fireplace, live in the moments loving the mountain vacation experience in the truest sense.

Nonetheless, booking a cabin can get a bit overwhelming. Where to stay? Which rental company to go to for bookings? Does it offer the privacy you desire? What facilities do you require? The questions will never end…so let’s just read on to get tips on what you should do and how.

The Smoky Mountains National Park! That’s right. That’s your answer to the question of where to plan a getaway when seeking a mountain vacay experience. Connecting the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, the Smoky Mountains National Park receives over 11 million visitors every year, which makes it the most visited national park alongside a landslide. This is because the distance isn’t too much for the vast majority living in the Eastern U.S to plan their vacations.

When choosing your place to stay in the Smoky Mountains, cabins make the best choice, however, you need to look through a plethora of options to decide which one to book. Depending on the amenities and ambiance, you can choose the rustic ones or luxury ones that are easily available in the season, be it winters or summers.

To name a few popular Smoky mountain cabins, Little Valley Mountain Resort, American Patriot Getaways, Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals, and Amazing Views Cabin Rentals are among the best ones you will find. It all depends on what area you seek to be in, the facilities you want, your pocket, and how far in advance you book. So, let’s get started with the tips to help you decide where you can spend your vacays.

Cabin amenities

When it comes to basic cabin amenities, Smoky Mountain cabins have so much to offer, but first you ought to know what you want. There are plenty of companies offering cabins with a huge list of amenities. Some cabins come with rustic wooden interiors with beautiful light fixtures and proper dining tables, while you can also choose to opt for ones with the usual home interiors.

Another aspect you need to look into is the condition of the cabin. Book a cabin rental company that shows more pictures of their cabins. This way, it becomes easier to decide before locking your decision.


Who doesn’t love a fireplace in a cabin? If you plan on visiting the Smokies near fall or winter, a fireplace is a must! Many of the cabins in the area disallow using fireplaces during the spring and summer seasons. If you’re into fireplaces, you should think of planning your visit during a time when you can enjoy sitting in front of it with a hot cup of cocoa. Apart from fireplaces, many Smoky mountain cabins also come with fire pits that are open to use in all seasons. At the time of booking, it’s better to check if the fireplace is gas or allows wood-burning.

Hot tubs

If you’re vacationing in the mountains, hot tubs are a must! Most of the private cabins in the area have provided hot tubs even on their covered porches/decks. This means you can still soak in a hot tub in pleasant weather just for the sake of it. Plus, hot water helps the body relax especially at the end of a long day of exploration in the mountains.

Kitchen supplies

If you plan on cooking during your cabin stay, better check if the cabin rental company offers cookware and dishes. From simple dishware and glassware to cutlery and tools like a can opener, pizza cutter, mixing bowls, casserole dishes, bakeware, and even pepper grinders become important which otherwise seem less than important back home.

Grooming supplies

Do you need hair dryers, irons with ironing boards? If yes, make sure that your booked cabin has these amenities before making a final deal.

Reserved parking

Parking in the mountains can be risky and hard to find, especially during the busy seasons. If your cabin company offers their own reserved parking area, then there’s nothing like it. You don’t have to worry about your car being at risk.

Swimming pools

Another most wanted amenity! What’s a vacation if there is no pool party! Though it could get a bit tricky to find a unit with its private swimming pool, since the cabins are constructed on the sides of the mountains, however, many rental services offer access to community or other neighborhood pools. Be sure to check this beforehand if a pool is a not-to-miss option for you.

Pet-friendly cabins

Do you have pets that you can’t leave behind? You can bring them along, but just verify the policy with the rental company in advance. Some companies offering Smoky mountain cabins charge an additional fee or security deposits. If you can afford it, book it!

Movie room and game room

Many huge cabins come built-in with a theater room with a capacity for a good number of people to enjoy movie nights. If you plan on a horror movie night, better see if your cabin offers the facility. Don’t forget the popcorns and blanket

Also, don’t forget the game rooms! Some cabins these days come with some kind of arcade games, or maybe a foosball table or Pac-Man. It’s fun!

Local services

Have a party, or too tired to go get some essential grocery items, you can opt for grocery delivery. There are many options to choose from including Instacart or Smoky Mountain Grocery, which is a local delivery store.

Best season to visit

That would be October if you wish to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. Smoky Mountains offer all its attractions in the most glorified manner for you to enjoy to its fullest throughout the year. Just search “Attractions near me” on Google, and you’ll get a list of beautiful tourist sites to feast your eyes on.

If you wish to see snowfall, you should visit in January. For pleasant weather with beautiful sunny mornings, you can plan your vacays in the spring-summer season.


If you want to make the most out of your planned vacays in Smoky Mountain, cabins offer the best experience hands down. In case you’re wondering if there are any attractions near me when you’re there then you’d be surprised to know that there are plenty. The above tips will help you make the best decision according to your needs. Look for an option that fits your requirements and to the mountains, you go!

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