Spells to make someone love you

Out of hundreds of spells to make someone love you, we’ve chosen those meeting the three main criteria: safety, accessibility and high effectiveness. In this article we want to talk to you about spells used in different situations, so each person reading our blog could find a good ritual meeting their specific fate changing needs. We’ll also tell you about things keeping people from casting effective spells and things enhancing the caster’s magical abilities. For your information, almost all people have at least some basic magical abilities. However, when they’re not used for a long time, they never develop, so most people never get to know what a very good intuition is and how focused thoughts can make things happen. There have been many cases where Spellcaster Maxim has helped people find their soulmates and live happily ever after–just ask him for help

Even though we refer to make someone love you spells as simple spells, you should always remember that nothing is simple in magic. Fortunately, if you read our articles on a regular basis and never miss anything we publish, eventually you’ll become quite a powerful yet still amateurish magic practitioner or witch with a high home magic success rate. Just remember that you can use all spells described herein only on yourself. You shouldn’t interfere with other people’s lives simply because you don’t have the right to do it. You can use magic to help only one person that is yourself, because you answer only for yourself, your fate, and your karma, reporting only to Higher Powers.​

Spell to make someone love you deeply

We’d like to begin with telling you how a young girl can cast a spell to make someone love you deeply to be with a guy she loves. Note that by “young girl” we mean a female over 18 years of age on the day the ritual is performed. Casting spells at a younger age is prohibited. Everyone knows that too much physical activity can lead to injuries, strains and bruises in children. Their body is still developing and growing and so it’s particularly vulnerable to sport injury. Similarly, children shouldn’t practice magic because their chakras and subtle bodies are also still developing. Casting spells at a young age may inflict chronic bad luck, poverty, depression, panic attacks, nightmares, etc.

The minimum age for casting simple spells is eighteen years old. Black magic spells are still prohibited though. If you want to pursue a career in black magic, remember that you should read your first black magic textbook after you turn 21.

All these rules also apply to the target, the person you’re in love with and want to put your spell on. If the guy is under 18 years of age, you shouldn’t put even white spells on him. If you want to put a black magic love spell, wait until he turns 21. If you put a make someone love you spell that is black magic on someone younger than 21, you’ll accumulate bad karma filling your life with suffering and unhappiness. We’ve seen people who started practicing magic when they were teens. The majority of them managed to more or less get their life back on track by age 45-50. We’ve also seen people put spells on teens and were punished with infertility, mental disorders and suicidal tendencies. Even the most powerful of spellcasters never cast spells on teens and children. Those who say they do are liars hoping to shift the blame on you and have you punished for their sins by Higher Powers.

To put a love spell on a young man, go out and walk in any direction for three hours. You can walk fast or slowly. The key is to not stop for three hours. In three hours enter the first grocery store you see and buy five apples which you think look the best. Have each individual fruit wrapped in paper so the apples don’t touch one another. Exit the store and walk home. If you get tired and see a bench, you may take a break from walking and rest for a while. You shouldn’t eat even if you’re hungry, however you can drink some water.

Unwrap the apples and put them on the windowsill in your bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should be sun-facing. Before using the apples, let the sun warm them a little. The spell will still work even if the apples are cold, yet the outcome won’t be as good.

Take your clothes off, take the first apple, and start rolling it over your naked body. The apple should touch your forehead, your neck, your chest, and the middle and lower part of your stomach. While rolling the apple, whisper the following spell:

“You (the guy’s name) are looking at me but don’t see me. You (the guy’s name) are looking for love but don’t notice me. You (the guy’s name) are dreaming of incredible sex but don’t understand you can’t find anyone better than me. I (your name) could wait, I (your name) could dream, I (your name) could not ask for anything, but I got up in the morning, bought some ripe apples, and turned one of them into a magical key. It will unlock your mind to think about me. It will unlock your heart to love me. It will unlock your stomach to fill it up with dreams of me. It will unlock your loin to want me. This is not just a key. It’s a magical key. May the power of Earth and Sky help me. May Love be my advisor. I’m enchanting you (the guy’s name) to transform and fall in love with me as soon as your lips touch this apple. I’ve cast this spell. May this spell be. May no one remove this spell.”

Remember that the more times you repeat this spell and the longer you roll the apple over your body, the more energy it will absorb which will transform into a program making the guy fall in love with you. When you finish the ritual, get dressed and go to the guy’s place. You should give him this apple as soon as possible because he needs to eat it before midnight.​

The next day repeat the ritual. You should perform it five days in a row. With these apples you’ll give some of your love to the guy, allowing him to fall in love with you. However, his love for you won’t last and will fade within a year. But don’t worry. Spells for beginners don’t last in general. For a long-term relationship, hire a professional spellcaster. When you cast spells at home, you should understand that they will either wear out pretty fast or you’ll need to re-cast them on a regular basis to keep your relationship strong, provided you even manage to cast the love spell for second time successfully.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to magic. We can’t even guarantee that the above love spell will work. This spell can potentially work only on the following conditions:

  • You love the guy;
  • The guy thinks you’re good-looking;
  • You’ve known each other for at least half a year;
  • The guy is single;
  • You’re single;
  • Neither of you has any reproductive system disorders;
  • You’re both healthy;
  • You’re free of curses and hexes;
  • Your karma allows you to love and be loved;
  • The guy’s karma allows him to date you.

If you can tell fortunes, ask the cards the following question before you cast any spells to make someone love you: Can we be together and will we be happy together? If the answer is yes, perform your ritual. Otherwise, don’t cast any spells. To find out why, read our previous articles.

A spell to make someone love you forever

We’re often asked to describe a spell to make someone love you forever, to which we reply that love can’t last forever. There is a small chance for such love in karmic couples but even their feelings tend to transform over the years turning into, for example, friendship or mutual respect. Magic spells are unable to create love that lasts forever for many reasons. One of such reasons is the fact that love spells are put on specific chakras. For example, if the target is a young man, the spell is put on his lower chakras. However, as he gets older and more mature, his lower chakras’ role becomes less significant. As a result, the man becomes less interested in sex and feels more attracted to smart women he feels emotionally close to. Now he wants to not just reproduce but also leave home legacy, which is possible only if the key role is played by the upper chakras and the energies generated by them.

You change over the years too, finding new passions, dreams and ambition in life, yet you’re still bound to each other through your lower chakras which you use less and less. As a result, the spell becomes less effective and eventually your love fades away.

Ordering love spells which stay effective forever or trying to cast such spells at home is pointless. Sooner or later your energy structure will change and the spell will be broken. For this reason professional magic practitioners recommend casting a new love spell every two years. Moreover, each new love spell should be more powerful than the previous one to keep your relationships really strong, and the more complex the ritual, the more difficult it is to perform it successfully.

However, even simple rituals can stay effective for quite a long time. The only disadvantage is that it takes one months to prepare for them. One of such spells is a spell to make someone love you forever cast on the salt contained in your sweat. This spell has been used by women all over the world for centuries. However, it can only be used by women who smell good naturally without wearing any cosmetic products.

Don’t eat anything for one day and drink a lot of water. The next day do a lot of cardio to sweat as much as possible. Use a handkerchief to collect sweat from your body, including your face, hands, breasts and groin. Wring the handkerchief over a crystal dish. No matter how much sweat you managed to collect, let the water evaporate so tiny salt crystals are formed. You need 7 grams of salt in total. This ritual can be performed once every 6-19 days (depending on your physical shape and stamina), so it may take you a few months to collect the required amount of salt.​

On the bright side, when you have 7 grams of salt which you keep in a tight colored glass bottle, you’ll be able to put an effective love spell basically on any man within just a few days. Just add some salt into his dish and he’ll fall in love with you. His feelings for you will be so strong that, if he’s married, he may even leave his wife for you, or move to another country to be with you, or quit his job or bad habits.

Salt has a very strong effect on men, whether you want to start a new relationship or get your ex-husband of many years back. Re-cast the spell to make someone love you deeply by adding some salt into the man’s food twice a month. This will be enough to keep him in love with you, prevent him from cheating on you, as well as give you his respect, care and undivided attention. However, this ritual doesn’t stay effective forever either. When the salt runs out, the spell will wear out too. If you want to keep your relationship strong, start over with colleting 7 grams of salt. If you get tired of your relationship and want to end it, just stop adding the salt and the man will be the one to offer a breakup.

There is a way for men to put a love spell on women that is just as effective. This ritual requires them to collect and dry their sperm. Put some sperm on the mirror, take the mirror out in the sun, and let the water evaporate. Collect what’s left on the mirror which should look like powder into a tight container. Add some of the sperm powder into the beverages of the woman you’re in love with, as well as to her bed, in the tub before she’s going to take a bath, and just scatter some around the house. To be able to use your sperm in this ritual, you should be healthy and fast for two weeks prior to sperm collection. While fasting, you should abstain from sex as well. Then take a two-week break and perform the ritual.

Even though it’s a very powerful love spell, be careful. If the woman is seeing someone else while you’re performing this ritual, she may end up falling deeply in love with that man instead of you. Thus, make someone love you spell may work against you.

A spell to make someone love you instantly

Out of all love spells for instant love, this time we’ve remembered about a spell to make someone love you instantly cast on a meat pie. This spell can be used on guys by girls, provided they’re same age and not married. Also, it can be put on men by their wives who feel that their husbands no longer love them. To make this spell work, you should really love the man, want to have sex with him, and spend your life with him. If you don’t love the target, the spell will have the opposite effect making the man feel repulsed by the sight or by the thought of you.

To perform this ritual, you need five types of meat and poultry: duck, chicken, pork, beef and rabbit, about 400 grams of each type. Everything should be fresh and not frozen. If possible, buy it at a local farm as organic pasture-raised meat and poultry tend to have higher concentration of natural positive energy.

Put the meat aside and make some dough. It should be simple and similar to the one they use for quick bread. Knead it topless. Apply some flour to your chest and let if fall onto the table. While kneading your dough, say the following spell:

“The dough will be as white and soft as my body. Love will fall from my chest into the dough like the flour does. You’ll go crazy over me. Your life will be as boring without me as it is without bread. You’ll be happy only with me. You’ll have fun only with me. You’ll feel love only with me!”

Roll out the dough, put it in a round dish, and prepare the meat and poultry adding some onion, salt and pepper, but not too much. Here’s what you should do with it:

  • Remove the skin and tendons;
  • Remove the bones and gristles;
  • Slice it;
  • Grind it with a knife;
  • Add some chopped onion;
  • Add some salt and pepper.

While doing it, say the below text, repeating it until you prepare the filling and put it on top of the dough:

“I took a duck’s strong wings so your love could fly high. I took a chicken’s ability to find seeds so you would always notice me. I took a pig’s loud voice so you could talk to me. I took a cow’s bravery so you won’t be afraid of loving me. The opinion is for the tears of happiness. The salt is to make our relationship strong. The pepper is to keep you from looking at any other women except for me.”

Make a small hole in the middle of your pie, put the pie into the oven, and bake it. When the pie is ready and you put it on the table, bend over and whisper into this hole thrice:

“The man’s name (3 times)! Love me (3 times)!”

Give the pie to the man while it’s warm. It’s okay if someone else eats it, because the magic will still target the man you need. The more pie he eats, the better. Usually it takes the target about one day to feel attracted to you and want to be with you, unless he’s seeing or in love with someone else. In this case the energy of your spell will benefit your love rival and she’ll be the one reaping the fruits of your labor. For this reason we specified at the very beginning that this spell should be put on single men who aren’t romantically involved with other girls at the moment or your husband, provided you know for sure he isn’t having a love affair and doesn’t have romantic feelings for another woman.​

If the man is seeing someone else but they’re not married and have no children, biological or adopted, the man needs to be freed from this relationship before you cast any how to make someone love you spells. It’s difficult and can also be dangerous so we usually suggest hiring professional spellcasters for it. If the relationship isn’t very strong, try to end it by yourself using one of the following two methods which are equally effective:

Method 1. Steal the sheet from the bed the couple spent the night in and preferably had sex. Take it out or if you can go to the country, bring a rusty knife, liquid fire starter, and matches with you. Throw the sheet on the ground and trample over it. Then cut it into pieces with the knife. The smaller the pieces, the more damage this ritual will cause to the relationship. While doing it, say the following spell quickly:

“It’s not the sheets that I’m cutting but your relationship. It’s not the strips that I’m cutting off but you (the man’s name) are being cut off from you (the woman’s name). I’m inflicting a breakup on you. You’ve been together long enough to break up now. When you do break up, you won’t be attracted to each other anymore and no magic will be able to bring you back together.”

Then sprinkle some fire starter and light it with a match. If there’s barely any smoke or it’s light, the ritual isn’t working and you can’t break this couple up with your spell. If there’s a lot of black and thick smoke, the spell’s working. Congratulations.

Method 2. Find an old and crooked nail and put it in the picture of the couple who you want to break up. Put the picture with the nail out and leave it there for seven days. By the way, make sure the moon is waning. In seven days tear the picture into small pieces and hide the nail in the house where the lovers live. The spell starts working immediately and the relationship will turn sour shortly which will eventually lead to a breakup.

Before we finish this part of our article, we’d like to make it clear once again that these two methods work only for relationships which are already falling apart, when the partners just need to be pushed a little to break up. If the relationship is strong or attachment is created by sex or if the partners love each other, those rituals will be unhelpful. Best-case scenario, the partners will have a fight but then they’ll make up and their relationship will get back on track shortly after it.

A spell to make someone want you

Don’t think we forgot about men and their needs for love. So now it’s time to tell you about a spell to make someone want you which is intended for men. Before you cast it, learn how to make desserts, because they’re the key to the success of this specific spell. If you want, you can buy a dessert at a café but such desserts which were produced by other people carry these people’s energy which can impact the result of the spell negatively and the woman won’t want you as much.

You should charge a whole banana with your sexual energy and give it to the woman, but it’s better to make a banana mousse or cream added to a dessert. If you’re really bad at cooking, just slice the banana and serve the slices on a plate. To charge a banana, use a gris-gris bag. Put a napkin with your sperm into the bag, add some pubic hairs, some hairs pulled out of your scalp, and three chest hairs. Take 10 naked pictures of yourself, print them out, cut out your genitals, and put them in the bag too. To make your gris-gris stronger, add a note describing the types of sex you’d like to try with the woman of your dreams.

Now take a green banana (unripe banana). Put the end that you peel the banana from inside the bag and tie it up. Put it away until it ripens making sure it can’t be found. However, if the banana goes bad and starts to rot or gets some brown spots instead of ripening, it means your sexual energy is weaker than that of the woman, so you can’t impact her with it. It can also mean your desire to have this woman isn’t strong enough so your spell lacks this specific energy and possibly the energy of your faith that everything will be fine.

If that’s the case, you shouldn’t try to perform this ritual again. Otherwise, it’ll backfire and have some negative effects on your sexual function or make you infertile. Such health issues can’t be treated with medications. In this case you can be healed by magic or through working off your karmic debt which sometimes takes years to accomplish.  ​

When the banana ripens, don’t throw the bag out but always take it with you when you go on a date with the woman. Keep it in your pocket as a powerful amulet to arouse the woman sexually. Bring it with you even if it’s not a date and you’re going to see the woman, let’s say, at work or at a mutual friend’s party. However, do it only after the woman eats that banana dessert you made. The banana is still better to be served as mousse or cream as such rituals tend to be more effective.

Also remember that magic desserts shouldn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. Always use organic sugar or honey. Even though women want to be skinny and try to eat less sugar, professional spellcasters know that the sweeter the dessert, the better the result. Besides, the more sugar or honey you add into your dessert, the sooner the woman will be yours.

We’ve already described plenty of spells to make one person want another person, including a make him want me spell. If you don’t remember what they were about or don’t find them suitable for some reason, let us tell you about one more spell to make a man want you. This sex spell can be put on:

  • Your husband or ex-husband;
  • Your lover (to make him want you even more);
  • Someone you haven’t had sex with yet;
  • The man you suspect is cheating on you (to make him stop feeling sexually attracted to anyone but you);
  • The man with sexual function problems (to boost his libido);
  • The man to take revenge on (to never give him what he wants most).

To perform this ritual, put a white linen sheet on the bed, pour some flour over it, and put another sheet on top. The second sheet should be cotton and its color should be red. Get naked, lay down and start masturbating. Do it as long as you want allowing the flour to absorb your sexual energy. While masturbating, imagine you’re having sex with the man. Make yourself orgasm and wait for 24 hours before you continue the ritual to restore your energy levels. Naturally, don’t have sex for these 24 hours.

Collect the flour and pour it on the table. Add some eggs, vegetable oil, a few tablespoons of sugar, and some water. The dough should be soft and sticky. Put a frying pan on high heat and fry some small scones. Let the man eat some. They will make him turned on by you. The spell will wear out in about a week but it can be re-cast. If you want to solve all your sex life problems with a single ritual, hire a professional spellcaster as spells for beginners don’t bring lasting results.

If you want to put this spell on a coworker but offering your scones just to him would look awkward, make more scones using regular flour and wrap each one in a napkin marking the scones intended for your crush. First of all, that way you won’t mix them up. Secondly, you will give your magical scones to the man you’re into without anyone suspecting anything.

Just make sure the man doesn’t share his scones with anyone, as this spell can impact more than one man. Thus, if another man eats some, he’ll be sexually attracted to you too. To avoid it, just be extra careful.

A spell to make him want me all the time

Some women need more sex than others, so they want their men to want them all the time. Some magic practitioners suggest adding some menstrual blood into the food of the man, but it’s a very bad strategy. Your menstrual blood can damage the man’s e​

nergy and subtle bodies, and once damaged, they’re very difficult to restore. However, even more often (about 99% of the time) this ritual causes harm to the women. This “love spell” has a long list of side-effects which can’t be treated by medicine or by magic. So stay away from all rituals involving menstrual blood.

It’s much better to use your urine. Collect it in a pearlescent bottle and use it within 12 hours. The best time to collect your urine is while being sexually aroused. This is when the enzyme levels are the highest in the urine which impacts the man like a powerful drug.

To make the man sexually aroused by you, use the content of the bottle as perfume. Apply some to your clothes and skin to take advantage of his animal instincts. Also “mark” his workplace or house by applying a few drops to where he rests, such as his couch, chair, or bed. Be careful because applying too much urine with high enzyme concentration will have the opposite effect and the man may end up feeling repulsed by you. So every time apply no more than 2 or 3 drops.

Mark the territory to attract the man once every three days. Doing it more often will have a negative effect on the man’s libido. If you do it less often, your spell won’t be able to help you connect with the man sexually and the man won’t be as sexually attracted to you as you want.

One more spell to make him want me all the time is cast with the use of two pictures. To perform this ritual, you need naked pictures of you and the target. Collect some sperm of the target and soak some blue threads in it. Collect some of your juices and soak some red threads in it. On the first day of a new moon in the evening light three candles – blue, red and gold. Fold the pictures to touch each other’s private parts and then sew the pictures together with the blue threads and then with the red ones. The threads should still be wet and dry up after.

Now drip some red candle wax on the man’s side of the picture and some blue candle wax on the woman’s side of the picture. Let it harden a little and then smooth it out with a finger. The wax should seal the pictures together covering all the threads.

Now every time you want to want to get the man turned on by you, squeeze the picture between your index finger and your thumb on your left hand, put your right hand on your groin, and say:

“Here’s a cave for you to get a lot of sexual pleasure in. Here’s a hole everyone strives to get into but only you can. Here’s a door into an amazing world for you to get the most intense sexual satisfaction in your life. I’m inviting you (the man’s name)! I’m inviting you (the man’s name)! I’m inviting you (the man’s name)! Please come!”

If you’re really turned on, your sexual arousal will impact the man making him horny too. You’ll see it yourself when he shows up offering you to have sex.

Unfortunately, all spells to make a person sexually aroused can’t be covered in one article, so we’ll continue talking about it in our next articles and promise to tell you about a spell to make some love you instantly, sex spells and rituals, as well as spells to help you get your ex back. So you’re welcome to visit our website any time as you will always find some new and useful content. We promise to teach you at least some simple magic spells giving you the knowledge which will come in handy throughout your whole life.

So as you are on a quest of finding powerful binding love spells online, ensure the practitioner is an experienced spell caster. For this role, consider Maxim.  Check more article

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