Strategies for Efficient Mobile App Testing

Mobile apps play a key role in the digital transformation revolution that we are experiencing since the last decade. Around 65% of the world population have smartphones which has majorly impacted their lifestyle. Hence every brand wants to reach out to their customers through mobile apps for providing the services and for bridging communication gap. So, brands want to ensure that their customers get the best user experience, hence they want a mobile app testing solution which provides fast and qualitative results. Mobile app testing makes sure that all the bugs are removed and the customer can have a seamless experience while using the mobile application. While testing mobile apps, the QA and development team goes through multiple challenges but by implementing the right testing strategies, mobile application testing can be made very efficient. So let’s discuss the strategies for efficient mobile application testing.

Strategies for efficient mobile application testing are :

Focus on Automation Testing

Today’s tech savvy customers have high demands and want the service delivery to be on time. Hence we need a mobile app testing platform which is very quick and provides qualitative results. Hence all the QA and development teams are focusing on implementing automation testing as much as possible. For implementing automation testing we need to use some robust test automation platforms like Selenium , Appium, Robotium etc. Also automation testing is a must during continuous integration as the small pieces of codes are deployed in the fast intervals. Also during continuous testing, the application is validated at each and every stage of the development cycle, hence automation testing is required to run the tests quickly. For cross browser testing, we require automation testing to test the redundant test cycles. Hence automation testing is extremely important to build mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

Implementing Continuous Testing

In continuous testing the application is tested at each and every stage of the software development cycle. From planning to deployment and monitoring, testing is done in the entire DevOps Loop. This also requires all the development, testing and operation teams to collaborate with each other and in fact testing is performed by all the teams. This ensures utmost quality of the application under development. Also, in continuous testing the software codes are tested early and often which helps in getting accurate test results, and there are no bugs at the later stages of the testing cycles which cost huge time and money for detection and rectification. Hence continuous testing makes testing very efficient and accurate.

Use Cloud testing platform

As we know that customer demands are soaring day by day, new features need to be developed and delivered on time. Hence we require testing solutions which are fast, qualitative and convenient. Cloud testing platforms are virtual platforms where you can get all the devices hosted in the cloud. Here all you need to do is upload your app in the cloud platform and select the devices and start testing your application. Hence there is no hassle in using the cloud platform as compared to a physical device lab. Also, cloud platforms are highly scalable as you can add or remove devices with ease. Cloud supports multiple integrations like the test automation frameworks, collaborative tools, ci/cd integrations etc. Hence you can integrate a tool of your choice easily and get qualitative test results. You can access cloud platforms 24/7. Hence the employees can have flexible working hours which also helps in getting good productivity.


As we know that most of the world population uses smartphones and are living in a digital world where mobile apps have become an integral part of the lifestyle, excellent functioning of the mobile apps is required otherwise there is a high chance of the apps getting uninstalled. That’s the reason why brands are focusing more on mobile application testing. Mobile app testing is not a bed of roses hence we need to make sure to use the right tools and strategies to get the desired output. Some of the most basic strategies are mentioned above in the article to get a sure shot positive change in your mobile app testing endeavour.

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