Study Medicine in Europe – Everything You Need to know

Are you aware almost everyone wants to study medicine in Europe, but they can’t afford the funds that will help them through their studies? Europe has most of the prestigious universities for students to obtain a reputable medical degree. If you have dreamt about becoming a medical doctor, then you should consider studying medicine in Europe.

There is no doubt that thousands of students from other continents prefer starting their medical career in Europe by getting enrolled in one of these medical Universities. There are lots of benefits that could be obtained from studying medicine in this continent (Europe). In terms of exposure, you will experience life in different cultures, food, arts, music, and many others.

Reasons to Study Medicine in Europe

Studying medicine in this continent has lots of benefits compared to other continents. They have top-notch medical Universities that offer high-quality medical education and training. Here are the reasons:

  1. Cost:

Tuition fee in Europe is more affordable compared to continents like Asia and North America. For instance, a country like Poland offers affordable fees with high standard medical training. One of the notable Surgeons Dr. maria Siemionow is an alumnus of Poznan University.

  1. English:

Most of the medical Universities in this continent such as the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and many others use English language as a medium of teaching to their medical students. Therefore, if English language is your native language, you will enjoy studying Medicine in Europe.

  1. Ease of Acceptance:

In Europe, there are lots of medical schools searching for students to admit compared to other continents. You can be fortunate to get admission to world-renowned medical Universities like Prague’s Charles University or the Hungary’s University of Pecs.

  1. Simple Credit Transfer:

It is simple to transfer credit from one institution to another within Europe. For instance, you might be studying medicine in Poland, and can transfer to another medical university within a 6-year program to another one.

NB: it is not possible to transfer from a six-year program to a four-year program.

  1. Internationally Recognized Physician:

If you are opportune to study medicine and in Europe, it implies you will be an internationally recognized doctor with lots of international exposure. Also, you will have affiliation with other top medical practitioners.

Affordable Countries to Study Medicine in Europe

Here are they are:

  1. Poland:

Poland has several cheap medical Universities and they admit students from different parts of the globe. One of the reasons students study in Poland is because they are sure of acquiring comprehensive education in their field. One of the Universities to get enrolled in is Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

  1. Sweden:

In Sweden, they have a free operating system for their universities, and Non-European Union students studying medicine has to pay their tuition fee. Also, if you earn a medical degree in Sweden, you will be certain of getting superb education from one of the impressive countries in the world when it involves medicine.

  1. Germany:

If you are operating on a minimal budget, or you after a country in Europe where their tuition fee is affordable, then, you can consider Germany. They have world-class medical facilities with experienced lecturers. It will be preferable if you have some level of proficiency in the German language.

  1. Italy:

Although Italy can be known for interior designs and fashion, the country is one of the affordable countries to study medicine in Europe. The living cost depends on either you are living in any of the metropolitan cities in the country.

  1. Belgium:

The country is a nice place to study medicine, but most students overlook it. The tuition fee for studying medicine depends on the institution and your country of residence because European Union students pay around €800 yearly. They have lots of medical Universities and awesome destinations for students to enjoy their stay in Belgium.


In Europe, there are diverse languages in this continent, and it is best to search the country that uses English language as their official language for teaching. You can use the internet to carry out your research on the choice of country to study medicine in Europe and consider other factors to ensure you are making the right decision.

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