The best programming languages for logistics app development

If your business is in the logistics and transporting domain, the logistics app development can change the game for you. According to MarketWatch, we should expect the global logistics market to reach $28.7m by 2024 while having an annual growth rate of 5%.

So, by starting a logistics app development your software is most likely to pay off quickly by both making your business more effective and helping you become a part of a high-profit community. But if you need efficient development, you should keep in mind that it’s possible with certain technologies that are considered best for logistics apps.

This is exactly why we wrote this article. Let’s figure out what programming languages will help you achieve the best results!

JavaScript for logistics app development

JavaScript language is considered one of the best for app development of any kind. A lot of developers have a basic knowledge of JS and it is used in the majority of projects around the world.

In terms of logistics app development, you can use the Node.js runtime environment to improve the software’s efficiency. It is great for data-driven applications and performs extremely well on data shuffling.

Node.js is capable of many things, so let’s take a closer look at Node.js development benefits:

1. IoT applications development for logistics

IoT applications for logistics can include real-time inventory and warehouse tracking systems, location tracking systems, fleet management apps, data analysis apps, and even software to program self-driving cars.

IoT apps also improve data security and may help bring your business to a new level of efficiency.

So, why is Node.js so good for IoT apps? It is due to this tech’s ability to process multiple requests sent concurrently by several devices on the network. It makes Node.js the perfect back-end technology for real-time applications that need to process huge amounts of data. Event-driven architecture and asynchronous processing make the technology fast and suitable for transferring data between the devices and data storage.

2. Real-time collaboration tools

As we figured before, Node.js development is great for giving the opportunity to create real-time software capable of giving relevant information to the user. In logistics app development this feature can be used to create extremely proficient warehouse management tools that provide users with real-time updates. Or it can be a well-coordinated supply-chain management application, that allows your drivers and other workers to operate in perfect alignment with each other’s schedule.

And, aside from this, Node.js is used by top web applications. Regarding their nature, Node.js is the most popular technology that powers Netflix, Trello, and LinkedIn.

You sure can use the Node.js benefits for your logistics app development to create fast and adaptive applications.

Dart for logistics app development

Dart is an open-source programming language that is considered to be client-optimized since it specializes in the user needs in the software interface. Dart makes the development extra productive by allowing your programmers to iteratively change the code and use special hot reload features to see the effect on the running app.

One of the best logistics app development technologies that run on Dart is Flutter. It is an open-source framework for cross-platform development. It is focused on the UI and nice feel of an app, so it is capable of providing your logistics app with that. Flutter development ensures that the application looks the same on every web browser since technology doesn’t use HTML, JavaScript, or C++ for styling. Flutter applications also tend to load faster due to being optimized for the customer.

Let’s take a closer look at the Flutter logistics app development benefits that your business could get:

1. Doubled profitability

If you’re looking for a simple logistics application that will run on both iOS and Android, Flutter is the best solution for you. High-skilled Flutter developers will be able to create clear code for both of these platforms without the need to fix endless errors. It’ll fasten the general development process and will give you a logistics app that will be supported by the majority of devices in the world. So, no matter if this app is for internal or external usage, the software will have a high-efficiency performance.

2. Fast and secured logistics app development

Despite JavaScript being a great programming language, if you want fast logistics app development, you need Dart. It is compiled into binary code which makes it almost as fast as Swift, Objective-C, and Kotlin.

The compiled code of Flutter logistics applications isn’t readable, which adds to the security of an application.

3. Highly flexible and effective

Flutter allows calling to the native API which makes it flexible. It also allows customizing an app for different platforms without losing its general feel and style. So, the development will be not only fast but extremely flexible with the ability to add more third-party APIs.

The effectiveness of a Flutter logistics app development is hidden in the asynchronous processing. This means that the processes don’t affect the overall app’s performance.

Doesn’t matter which technology you choose, it all depends on your technical partner and devotion to your project. If you’re ready to create something ground shifting, all you need is correctly figure out what your logistics app development project is.

Is it complex or rather simple? Do you want it to be user-oriented or perform real-time actions? You decide and we at RexSoft are more than ready to bring your decisions to life.

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