The Best Slayer Masters for Training in OSRS

There’s a number of slayer masters in Old School Runescape that you can benefit from.

There’s plenty of benefits for taking on slayer tasks in Old School Runescape. However, if you’re looking for the best to train with, then there’s a few choices that you can make. For those who are looking to make OSRS gold and get the very most out of visiting a slayer master, then here’s who you should be choosing.


Firstly, we have Konar. This is the slayer master we want to visit so we don’t have to buy OSRS gold. It can be a nice earner for those looking to make some bank. Not only that, but Konar also offers you the most points of out the slayer masters on this list. With the offering of brimstone keys too, this is definitely a master to keep in mind.

However, there is a downside to using Konar. You will find that you will only be able to hunt in certain areas when using this slayer master. This isn’t a particularly useful trait, especially when you consider that she’s harder to reach than other masters. Not only that, but you will receive less slayer experience from her tasks. Even so, Konar is still more than worthy of your time where slayer masters are concerned. So don’t be too put off by these disadvantages, as you still have a lot to gain.


This slayer master has advantages and disadvantages over the other masters in this list. Before we get into it, we should mention that you will need your combat level to be at 85 if you’re going to use this slayer master.

From Nieve, you will get more experience than you would by visiting Konar. That being said, you will receive less slayer points from her. Having said that, you would be able to increase the number of points by completing the Western Provinces Diary. Also, if you have taken on Monkey Madness II, then you will notice that Nieve is replaced by Steve once you’ve finished it.


Duradel is the hardest slayer master out of the bunch for you to choose from. He demands that you get your slayer level up to 50, and your combat level up to 100. He isn’t as difficult to find as others however, as you simply need to finish the Shilo Village quest. You aren’t going to earn as much OSRS gold with Duradel. But you will earn more experience and points than the alternatives, which is arguably more important.

Overall, you could argue that Duradel is the best pick of the bunch. You are getting a healthy amount of XP and points from him, even if you need to work hard to get to the relevant levels. This is why he has the reputation of being Old School Runescape’s best master.

But Which Should I Choose?

Duradel may be the best slayer master, but it does also rely on what you want to get out of visiting these masters. If you’re saving up for that coveted Twisted Bow, or you’re just looking to go from rags to riches, then Duradel isn’t going to be for you. Every slayer master works in it’s own way, and how it helps you depends on your goals.

One thing is for certain, and this is you’re going to need to prepare. Whether you’re plotting out your route to the harder to reach masters, or raising your skill levels to be in their mere presence, you’ll need to start getting busy preparing.

How should you prepare? Having gear that is best-in-slot is a great start. Even if you have to find OSRS gold for sale, it’s worth looking into to help you get through it. Researching how to reach the masters will also save you a lot of time as well, especially when you consider how hard it is to find the likes of Konar.

At least now you have some knowledge of these slayer masters, and what they can do to benefit you. Whether you need OSRS gold, or embarking on a new journey, there’s something for everyone here. Slayer tasks are highly regarded in the Old School Runescape realms, so knowing the best masters to spend your time with is only going to be beneficial in the long run. If you really need a standout choice, then I would recommend Duradel, based on the balance of XP and points you stand to receive.

Which slayer master do you feel is the best in Old School Runescape? Which has the best benefits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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