The Boys Are Bacne in Town: How to Clear Up Your Skin Before Spring Break

Bacne, or body acne, is a dreaded thing to encounter, especially when you’re looking forward to spring break. And unlike facial acne, it can be harder to figure out or decipher what is causing it. If you’re going to be traveling to a tropical destination, you’ll likely want to get rid of the acne before your trip. 

Body acne can be annoying and unpleasant to manage or deal with. It’s also something that you may not want to talk about with your family or friends, not to mention a partner or spouse. But never fear! In this article, we’ll cover three ways to get your bacne cleared up so you can feel confident in your own skin. 

1. Find a Treatment that Works for You

If you’re struggling with body acne, the first step to clearing it up is finding products that work for your skin. Cleansers and topical retinoids are great options if you’re looking for over-the-counter solutions to prevent acne from happening in the first place. They can also help clear up acne that’s already appeared. If you’re looking for something stronger, you may want to consider a multi-step approach including topical and oral solutions. 

That said, there are so many different treatments available on the market, which is great but also overwhelming. Patients seeking acne treatment without the hassle of going to a dermatologist can do so in the comfort of their own home. Effective prescription treatments are now available online, so there’s no excuse to not find a solution for your needs! 

Remember that what works for your friend, sister, or brother may not necessarily work for you! Your skin is unique, so just because they found a solution that works doesn’t mean it’ll be good for you. Additionally, try not to be swayed by advertisers and celebrities promoting certain products. Ask your healthcare provider, dermatologist, or just do your research before being tempted into buying and trying something. 

2. Develop Better Hygiene Habits

You’ve finished your long run or your hot yoga class and you come home and lounge and cook dinner before rinsing off. Sound familiar? If so, you are only setting yourself up for bacne. Sweat causes bacteria, oil, and dirt buildup on your outer skin, which is a breeding zone for acne. Moreover, if you’re wearing tighter exercise clothes such as leggings or a baseball cap, then you’re also just promoting sweat buildup. 

Whether you’re coming home from a sweat session or if you’re just ending your day, keeping your body clean is key. Be sure to shower at least once per day, preferably soon after exercising or before bed. This will help rinse any buildup of sweat or oil that naturally occurs during the day. In addition, avoid rewearing clothes, as they can also carry bacteria that causes acne. Wash your clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent to ensure your clean clothes aren’t triggering body acne, too. 

Developing better hygiene habits means having a consistent routine. Cleanse your face along with your body daily with a solution that treats and prevents acne. Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which are known to help with acne. And remember that rubbing won’t clear up your spots. Be gentle, and your skin will thank you in return. 

3. Modify Your Diet Accordingly

Last but not least, clearing up your skin could be aided by some food alterations and healthy swaps. Your go-to favorite foods could inevitably be triggering your bacne. Foods that are highly processed, including foods high in carbohydrates or sugar, can imbalance your hormones. Dairy products are also known to cause hormone imbalances and inflammation for some people. This in turn can cause or worsen your acne.   

​​Eating a whole-food diet is typically the best way to calm down current acne and prevent future flares. This often means shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store where the produce and meat are located. The aisles filled with processed foods are best avoided if you’re looking to clean up your diet along with your acne. 

This doesn’t mean you have to throw your entire fridge and pantry contents away necessarily. Think about your bacne goals and what food items you absolutely cannot live without. Try to limit or swap those that are unnecessary for a more healthful option. For example, instead of potato chips, try popcorn that has more filling fiber and is typically less processed. Always read labels, however, as foods that seem healthy like dried fruit could be filled with added sugars or oils. 

Takeaway Tips

Bacne can be troublesome, but with these tips you can clear up your skin with confidence. Your skin is delicate, so going at it with a graceful, sensitive approach is key. In addition to treatment, you’ll likely want to make adjustments to your routine and daily habits. Even the smallest tweaks like showering at the gym or snacking on health conscious foods can ease your acne. 

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