The Dressing Table: Every Girls Dream & Inspiration

Not just after the lockdown but even before that, the major reason for women to go out was to get dressed! For that, a dedicated place with proper lighting, ample storage for makeup accessories, a comfortable chair is essential. This place may be the smallest area or an elaborate arrangement; it can make you look glamorous and stunning. Are you looking for a dressing table? Wakefit has many designs from which you can choose. But before you select a dressing table online, here are some tips for choosing a dressing table and why you need them.

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Why do you need a Dressing Table?

It is more than likely that your bedroom has all the must-have furniture, but why invest in a dressing table? Apart from it being functional and feminine, there are many reasons why you need a dresser, like:

  • Make a style statement: The dresser makes a great style statement whether you place it in the bedroom or any spare space. It adds to the decor and enhances the look and feel. Browse for various designs of dressing tables online and choose your favourite design and style.
  • Personal beauty haven: The dressing table is probably the only place where it is just for you. Women with kids would know that they take over the entire house and storage. Having a dressing table gives you a space to store your personal beauty products and also sit down and apply makeup. It is also a private quarter where you can have a me-time.
  • Helps you stay organised: Nobody likes to rummage through their makeup bag to find that lip gloss for a chapped lip. Additionally, when you cannot find your favourite items, you waste a lot of time getting ready. The dressing table is where everything you need is within reach and helps you stay organised.

Tips to Choose a Dressing Table

  • Determine what features you want

When it comes to choosing a dressing table, the foremost thing to think of is the features needed from it. If you have any trinkets or have things that are display-worthy, then you will need enough display space. You may also want to have something with plenty of drawers so that you can properly store them. Determine the number of drawers you need based on what you want to store. While choosing the number of drawers, check for accessibility and size of the drawers. If the drawers are tall, you may have to use storage organisers based on the items you plan to store.

  • Size

Like all other pieces of furniture, the dressing table too comes in many sizes. It can be a huge dressing table with mirrors and elaborate designs or simple designs with some drawers and a platform. But the size you purchase should be based on the space availability as the bedroom is a place for some heavy furniture like bed, wardrobes, etc. So the dressing table should be a welcome addition and not crowd the space. Also, it should not be too small as there is no visual or functional value of having it. Visit here rapidshare and more online best website Click here viewster

  • Place it in the right area

The dressing table to be functional has to be placed in the right area. To make the most out of its functionality, it should be accessible and should get enough natural light also. The bedroom should be a sleep haven and a place of peace and tranquillity, so a chic but low key dressing table that helps you apply makeup or take it off also works great. But ensure that it is kept in the right area of the bedroom. Irrespective of whether your dressing table gets natural light or not, make sure there is enough ambient lighting. You can use a fancy table lamp, wall scones or other options to get the right detail during makeup. Click here animixplay

  • Add a style statement

Are you looking to add style to your bedroom? Introduce a dressing table. This piece of furniture can add a great look and feel to the decor. If you want to turn your sleep haven into a chic place, purchase a dressing table with curved edges and intricate designs. Don’t worry; even if you don’t have enough space in the bedroom for a dressing table, you can still up the style quotient by choosing a wall mounted dressing table. There are many types of dressing tables available: rustic, contemporary, antique, modern, minimalist, and more. Whatever the type, make sure it gels with the room’s colour and theme of the room.

  • Materials

There are many choices when it comes to materials used in making a dressing table. But wood is the most popular choice. Even in wood, there are many variants like stained, painted, etc.; based on the overall theme of your room; you can pick the right one. Some wooden dressing tables come with exquisite designs to create a classy look. But irrespective of the type of wood you choose, go for a dressing table with a mirror.


The wooden dressing table design adds great character to the space. They are available in many sizes, styles and colours. No matter the colour or type of table you choose, it is surely an indispensable piece of furniture that performs many functions.

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