The growing period of blue dream auto

Blue Dream contains Sativa authoritative (60%) with THC contents ranging from 17% to 24% in addition to this CBD 2%. It is one of the best daytime smokes that come out from California. It issues the whole-body relaxation, and it’s a cross of the super silver haze with blueberry Indica.

Furthermore, weed is legal in California. So, people are demanding the blue dream due to the taste of aroma. And the effects are entirely delightful, along with the availability like a flood. Now it is available in Portland and Oregon for $4-$5. But, in Los Angeles, it will cost you up to $16 per gram.

Growing Period

Going to grow a blue dream autoflower is an ideal thing for those who want to grow in a small place. It is also best for the new growers. The plant is obscenely effortless to grow. It may be a colossal yearly if there are conglomerate harvest from it doesn’t need a season. And many Blue Dream Auto Journals are advising the other techniques to improve yield and grow.

Despite this, the blue dream is cannabis eye candy. Because of the beautiful blue and purple colors, the autoflower review will mention appearance. The balcony, small gardens, and basements are the best places to issue a slot for them. It helps to take a picture and capture its beauty while growing. You can add them on your social media handles with a hashtag #bluedream.

Besides that, the blue dream is perfect to put down on the indoor side as it has a mini size. But, you can go for the outdoor locations to plant it because of its Ruderalis. Ruderalis needs a warm, dry environment and takes a time of 10-14 weeks.

Along with that, you can take a feel of professionals while planting and growing the blue dream. The time is too short, but you can see the flowering effects from the 4 or 5 weeks. Furthermore, it doesn’t require indoor lighting doors. This plant will convert into a flower into its own within 10 to 14 weeks.

The blue dream collects a lot from its parents. Therefore, the combined aromas, the taste is much favorable by its users. An enrapture scent comes from the mixture of citrus fruits, pinewoods, and berries.

Uses of Blue Dream

  • You can use the blue dream if you want to calm and clear your mind.
  • The sufferers of chronic issues can take this throughout the day as it gives you a gentle effect.
  • These blue dreams are widely famous for mood-boosting.
  • Proper relaxation is possible because of its balanced source of a better day.
  • Most anxiety and depression patients can take this. As a result, these strains will help you to change your thinking process/point of view.


The blue dream is one of the best solutions to depression and anxiety. Also, you will see, a patient can be calm after having this blue dream. Also, the blog contains the selling price in three countries like Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles. Apart from that, the growing period of the blue dream is mentioned by us in this blog. Also, you will see some uses of blue dream hereabouts.

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