The Meaning of AI and Data Annotation In Our Life

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, is gradually taking over our lives. There’s no denying that we live in an age where we can’t imagine ourselves without AI. How much do we apply AI and Data Annotation in our life? We will find out in this article.

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Data Annotation In Daily Life?

Data Annotation is divided into some types, and every type is essential in developing AI closer to reality. The types are:

  • Image Annotation
  • Audio Annotation
  • Video Annotation

Text Annotation:

According to the AI and Machine Learning Report in 2020, 70% of companies’ basic means of communication is text. We can observe that we rely mostly on text instead of videos or any other source throughout our day.

AI also holds great importance in Text Annotation. With the help of Machine Learning (ML), AI models are taught how to read, understand and analyze text. We can observe this type of data annotation on our devices daily. Different text annotations are being developed in robots so they can read, understand, reply and analyze human languages.

Text Annotation is further divided into subtypes; Sentiment Annotation, Intent Annotation, Semantic Annotation, and Named Entity Annotation.

Image Annotation:

It is no surprise that we perceive most things in the form of images after the text. Image Annotation is just another type of important data annotation where AI models apply different techniques to recognize any computer and robotic vision or face.

We can find many examples of AI models that use Image Annotations in our daily lives. Have you seen self-driven cars? Their data annotation is more complex than it seems. Their algorithm must learn the rules of driving. The signals, road signs, different driving lanes and other road rules must be inserted inside the car to drive itself easily without any potential hazards. The Tracker is also a must-have thing in autonomous cars.

Another most useful example of image annotation is in agriculture, where different AI models are used to take care of crops and livestock. They monitor crop growth and indicate whenever there’s unwanted detection.

You may have witnessed a match or two in your life. Do you know how a match is analyzed from different angles? Because of AI’s Image Annotation, we can analyze every minute detail of the match even if it’s broadcasting live.

We can also see Image Annotation in medical and surgical fields. Image Annotation is used to view the area of surgery through screens. This helps with an easy and proper medical procedure.

Audio and Video Annotation:

Audio Annotation is used to make a machine understand different types of audio. Those models or machines react to them accordingly. We can see these audio annotation implementations in virtual assistants, robots, chatbots etc.

Algorithms make any moving objects in a video recognizable to AI models through video annotations. Many departments use this data annotation to track different things recorded by machines or cameras.

Data Annotation and AI hold great importance in our daily life. It is almost impossible to live without them in this modern world.

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