The Things I’m Most Looking Forward to Once COVID Is Finally Over

Spending Time with My Family

Without a doubt, I’m most anticipating seeing my loved ones again, especially because they live quite a distance away. We’ve all had a lot of anxiety about crossing state lines, so it has been incredibly tough to see one another.

Since I have so many stories to share, it’ll be a special treat to catch up with my aunts, uncles, and parents. The difficulties of the pandemic have reminded me that it’s best not to take life’s bounties for granted; there can always be long, difficult periods of social isolation!

Normally, my family and I like to catch movies, visit the local farmer’s market and, most importantly, compete at bowling alleys. With the future finally brightening, it’s going to be magical to hit the lanes and blow off some steam again!

Going Back to the Gym

Another thing I’ve missed during the pandemic has been exercising at a real gym. Taking the time to train my body at a facility used to be the ideal time to unwind and escape the stressors of home and work; in fact, the gym became a second home.

When the gym and I meet again, it’ll be so lovely. I might never leave! I’ve missed my personal trainer, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of a regular workout routine.

Getting a Much-Needed Rejuvenation

Being stuck indoors has become tiring, and the anxieties of COVID life have begun to take a toll on my mental health and physical appearance.

So, I’m planning to remedy my situation with a nice facelift. I’m getting older, and watching my skin get looser by the day is anything but relaxing. I haven’t had much access to fresh air, either, and to be honest, my face feels glummer than ever, especially when a mask is covering it. A facelift will surely elevate my self-esteem and put a pump in my step, and I’ll be able to look fantastic once all the masks come off!

Going Out Without a Mask

Speaking of masks, I’m sick of wearing one in public, even if I’ve adhered to the mandates; I do, of course, want everyone around me to be safe.

When COVID is finally over, I’ll toss the mask in the garbage and shop without it obstructing my breathing. Getting home and removing my mask is, after all, one of the most tremendously freeing feelings, and I want that sense of freedom to follow me wherever I go.

It’ll also be a welcome change to communicate with facial expressions—smiling at passersby and enriching their day has always been one of my favorite things to do!

I Want to Check Out a Theme Park

I miss visiting amusement parks with my husband and kids. One of my favorite places in the world, in fact, is Florida’s Disney World (Six Flags is a close second).

There’s something about riding a roller coaster that just makes me feel so free—maybe it’s the adrenaline, or the wind rushing through my hair. Unfortunately, no one in my family, including me, has recently been willing to visit an amusement park, but when things are back to normal, it’ll be a breath of fresh air to hop on a death-defying thrill ride.

Looking Forward to a Concert

As someone who always listens to music, whether it be at work, in the car, or just before bed, concerts are my love language. They allow me to connect at a deeper level not only with the artist, but with thousands of fellow fans.

Music is a powerful antidote to worry, and there are so many uplifting songs that sound even more astonishing in person. Nothing beats the gloriousness of dancing, cheering, and singing along among a crowd of people that are just as passionate as you.

COVID has empowered me to appreciate life’s greatest subtleties, and when quarantine lifts completely, I’m going to start crossing concerts off my list. It has been hard to see the bands I love suffer at the hands of the virus, but I can’t wait to show my support at upcoming events!

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