The Toughest Bosses in Path of Exile

Here’s a selection of the hardest bosses in the entire game.

As to be expected when you are playing an ARPG, you are going to be coming up against bosses. If you are spending your PoE currency on the best gear to take on the toughest fights. But before you go splashing the orbs, here’s a list of who you should look out for.

Uber Atziri

Taking Atzari is a nightmare for just about any build. You can expect a tough battle on your hands as you will the Queen of the Vaal making numerous versions of herself that reflect damage back. So needless to say, you are bound to find it tough.

To find her, you can head to the Apex of Sacrifice map. You could also try the Alluring Abyss and the Temple Atzoatl. If you were to meet the boss at the Alluring Abyss, then this would present you with the Uber Atziri. This is a version of the boss that will have more health, and will be able to cause more damage as well.

Hall of Grandmasters

If you are either a summoner or a build that is very hit-focused, then you are going to find this battle a major hindrance. This map is going to be difficult in general, as you are going to be doing a run of bosses. The reason the summoner is so badly at a disadvantage is PvP scaling is enabled. With the dodging and blocking abilities of characters, so hitting builds isn’t an option.

Aul, The Crystal King

As you make your way down to Aul in the Depths, you are going to encounter one of the very toughest bosses in the entire game. Prepare for the cold as Aul dishes out some of the harshest damage out there.

The way in which scaling is used in Delve makes this up there with the toughest boss encounters. Going through the mine, you will see global modifiers being introduced which makes this more difficult. As you go deeper, the delves become more erratic, meaning that enemies will pretty much get critical hits on you all of the time. This will cause penetration to all of your resistances as well.

Any build that isn’t an immunity focus will find that Aul will be able to take you out with a single shot. The Knight is capable of freezing you, and the mobs that you have to face are also capable of one-shotting you as well. This scaling system is what makes Aul to be considered the most difficult boss in Path of Exile.

The Maven

Whilst the Aul’s scaling makes it probably the hardest hitting boss available, you are looking to the Maven who many describe as the hardest boss in Path of Exile. The fight requires you to be a maxed out billed, but you can’t just rely on the strengths of your character. You are going to need to be paying close attention the entire time, and also rely on your skills as a gamer to succeed. You are going to be using your memory skills to focus on the attacks from the boss, as well as thinking on the spot.

Having experienced other bosses in Path of Exile, you will notice that there are similar traits when fighting the Maven. You will see a wealth of projectiles that will not allow you to keep still, so make sure you stay on the move. Sadly, it isn’t an Exalted Orb being shot at you, but rather gatling orb attacks that can quickly drain your health. The memory game she possesses will also kill you straight away if you can’t repeat the pattern back. As daunting as it sounds, this only represents the first phase of the battle.

 As the Maven starts to use random bosses from the Atlas, you will have deadly beams shot at you. These can drain your life and mana, as well as your maximum resistances as well. When you combine this with the hefty damage that can presented at you, this is a deadly fight to have to participate in.

So, if you are planning to get stuck into these skirmishes, then make sure you check out PoE Trade to prepare yourself. Not that you will be able to rely on just items and builds mind, as improving your skills as a player in general is vital.

Have you tried out any of these bosses in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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