The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Portable Fridge

Keeping food cool is essential all the time. Thus, a portable camping fridge is a blessing for any person who travels a lot and spends more time in their vehicle. Any person who loves picnics and considers outings as a hobby can invest in portable fridges without a doubt. Nevertheless, it is a piece of magical equipment that works on the 12-volt electrical system of any car that keeps any food items cool or frozen for an indefinite time.

Check out this article to know what type of portable fridges is a necessity for any traveller:

Difference in Size

Portable fridges are available in different sizes, and buyers can choose according to their needs. Even so, more than the need itself, it is good to focus on the number of members of the family. For example, if the buyer has a big family member, they will occupy more space in the car, and a large fridge becomes a liability here as it also needs more space in the vehicle and a high current draw. So, it’s better not to choose a large fridge in this case because it increases the gross vehicle mass or GVM. Besides, there are facilities like expansion inserts that help clip additional capacity for the buyer according to their needs.

Popular sizes of portable fridges available are listed below:

  • 80L +

The size and weight of this fridge are huge, but it provides plenty of room for a big group trip or outings for a week or more. It can hold approximately 120 cans.

  • 60-65 L

It is the best option available for a family with four or five members. Maybe, it is the top option for a sporting team too. And, although the weight and size of this camping fridge are to be considered, it provides plenty of space for every food need of about five people. Moreover, it has room for approximately 106 cans.

  • 50L

A 50L portable fridge can hold up to 72 cans and is the best option for a two-person adventurous picnic weekend.

  • 40L

It is the standard size of the portable fridge and holds up to 60 cans which are more than enough for two people having great weekend adventures.

  • Below 40 L

Fridges also come in 35L and 25L that are compact fridges suitable for solo trips. They are helpful to store medicines or keep lunch cold during the trip.

Different Types of Fridges

Portable fridges are designed as either two-way fridges or three-way fridges. They run on electricity and gas respectively.

In a two-way fridge, the machine operates just like a home fridge with a 12-volt battery and mains electricity. They do not draw too much electricity from the car, as it is designed with more minor electrical needs. Also, the excellent performance of this fridge is noteworthy as even in situations like hot cars, it can work with ambient temperatures. Besides, it uses solar panels and works on inclines, and the design promotes sustainable development and is highly energy efficient.

Now, coming to the three-way portable fridges, they make use of LPG for energy, as it is one of the most versatile power sources available now. And, since there is no complicated dual battery system, it is silent and works for several weeks too.


There are essential features like a current drain, 12-volt connector, mounting hardware, insulation, durable construction, compressor type, vents & evaporator position and spare parts availability to look at. Also, always go for a portable fridge that has low current consumption, as a low current draw indicates how long the fridge will work. Moreover, always ask the manufacturer about inbuilt battery protection. Buying the most suitable connector is as essential as purchasing the best camping fridge. So, check which portable charger is appropriate for the buyer’s vehicle and purchase accordingly.

In addition to all this, check out the availability of the spare parts with the manufacturer to dissolve the problematic situations of servicing in the future. There will be a chance of breakdowns in the future, but it can be easily handled if the manufacturer is a reputed dealer.

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