The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Home Windows in New Orleans 

Vinyl windows are becoming more popular among homes and are becoming one of the most preferred window materials due to the fact that it outlasts other materials such as steel and aluminum frames, and requires little to no care as compared to hardwood frames. Here are a few recommendations to follow for regular window care and maintenance to guarantee that your windows stay in excellent condition to survive the harsh New Orleans environment.

Few Recommendations for Regular Window Maintenance and Care:

1) Look out for Scratches 

Watch your window screens for scratches or holes, and tighten any screws that may be losing over time. It is also a good idea to examine the tracks to make sure they slide properly. If you notice that they are stuck, address the issue by vacuuming the pathway and sprinkling them with lubricant as quickly as possible. In a shower or bath, window screens may be washed or sprayed with water and gently scraped with a soft bristle.

2) Drainage

When inspecting your windows, make sure there is no water accumulation anywhere along with the window sill or around the window frame. If there are “weep holes” in the window, the water should be able to drain readily via them.

3) Test the Glass

Search for fractures or scuffs in the vinyl in the horizontal and vertical strips keeping the glass in place. Keep an eye out of the glass itself for true breaks. This may show that something has hampered your window’s airtight seal, which is a key component of an energy efficient window. If you find the glass is foggy, it may be an indication that something blocked your window with its airtight seal. Unless this is addressed, your windows will not operate at their peak performance level.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is weather stripping, which is a term that refers to the substance that seals the seams of the window frame. This shouldn’t be broken, discolored, or sticky in any way. You should also check the joints to make sure they have not deteriorated in any manner, particularly where the window is attached to the building’s structure.

4) Cleaning the Windows

It is the easy clean ability of vinyl windows that has made them so popular. Normal window cleaning tasks may generally be completed with just a wet towel and no special equipment. Alternatively, you may create your own cleaning solution by combining one teaspoon of shampoo with a gallon of water for bigger cleaning tasks. Using a sponge, carefully apply the mixture to the affected area and then rinse well with clean water. After that, just dry the area with a lint-free cotton cloth and you’re done.

5) Lubricating Windows

The majority of windows are comprised of many moving metal components, all of which should constantly operate smoothly and easily. It may be necessary to lubricate the window track if you find that your windows are becoming stuck while being slid open. This will restore the proper operation of the window. There are a variety of lubricants available for purchase at nearly any home improvement shop, but we suggest consulting with your window maker before applying these chemicals to your windows.

These vinyl window care suggestions should help to ensure that your windows continue to function properly for many years to come. As opposed to wooden windows, which will need regular painting to guarantee that they do not rust or degrade, vinyl windows will last considerably longer and perform much better than wooden windows.

Vinyl windows provide a number of advantages

Vinyl window frames have also gained favor as a result of their improved curb appeal, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements. When selecting the material for their vinyl window options in New Orleans, homeowners who are contemplating a home renovation project that includes replacing their windows should keep the following benefits in mind.

  • Because of their clean, crisp lines, vinyl windows and frames often give the appearance of being newly installed. The majority of the time, they are utilized to increase the value of a house and are often preferred over outdated metal-framed or wooden windows.
  • Vinyl windows are very versatile in that they can be manufactured in a variety of forms and designs, allowing you to replace all of your windows at the same time.
  • In addition, since vinyl is a well-known window insulation material, it will assist you in keeping your house cooler during the hot summer months and warmer during the chilly winter months.
  • Vinyl windows are flexible and may be used in all kinds of weather because of their versatility. While wood may stretch and become distorted during the humid summer months, the form of vinyl windows does not change at all. Thus, your windows will continue to operate properly for a long period of time in the future.
  • Recent advancements in vinyl window technology have resulted in the development of paints that cling better to vinyl on a molecular level than previously available. This means that you may paint vinyl windows whatever color you want and not have to worry about them fading or flaking for at least a decade after you paint them.

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