The ultimate target of every traders: owning a Bitcoin Trophy

A success symbol for crypto whales, day-trader & experienced traders

The Bitcoin trophy is the ultimate symbol of allegiance to the cryptocurrency world. Whether you are a whale or new to the digital currency scene, the Bitcoin Trophy is the perfect way to assert your devotion and affection for cryptocurrency boldly.

The Bitcoin trophy can also be your good luck charm. It can be a source of hope and reassurance when no-coiners and nay-sayers start spreading FUD. You can also proudly display it as a reminder of your goals and aspirations in the world of cryptocurrencies.

An incentive for your employees

The Bitcoin crest on the Trophy gives it a majestic appearance, so you can be sure that it will be a subject of attention when you have your friends over. If you own a financial establishment that deals with digital currencies like Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Trophy can serve as an effective incentive for your team members. It can motivate them to work even harder and deliver more results.

The best gift idea for crypto maniacs

Similarly, The Bitcoin trophy can serve as the perfect gift for all your crypto friends. Especially those who are HODLing on to their coins in expectation of a trip to the moon. You can go a step further to add a personal touch to the Trophy by having your friend’s crypto name, a special message, or even engraved on it.

An artwork as reward for your success

Alternatively, your Bitcoin Trophy can serve as a symbol of wealth. It’s tough, high-quality components and truly stunning appearance make it a perfect candidate for the job. The Trophy stands at the height of 37cm (14.5 inches), and its base covers a 14.3cm (5.63 inches) by 13.5cm (5.31 inches) area.

The main (upper) body of the Trophy is made of sturdy metal coated with pure gold, so it will shine bright whether it is sitting on your desk, on a shelf, or even on your nightstand. The base of the Trophy, on the other hand, was built with marble, so it is rugged and will last for as long as you need.

Whether you are buying it as a present to yourself or as a gift to a friend, the Bitcoin Trophy is an absolute joy to behold, and you will always be happy you bought it.

Becoming part of an unique network

The Bitcoin Trophy is made with love by To-The-Moon network. They are a South Korean organization that is dedicated to building high-quality products for crypto enthusiasts like you. They aim at connecting all crypto successes using social medias, by showcasing in a fungible manner digital wealth creation. Your purchase is used as “proof-of-work” of joining our network of early adopters & advanced traders.  Multiple networking events will occur in different parts of the world. We have garnered a stellar reputation amongst crypto enthusiasts and stakeholders as the number one source of top-notch luxury Bitcoin Trophies.

What are you waiting for? Head over to to buy your Bitcoin Trophy and become part of our network.

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