TikTok Analytics: Best Strategies To Track Your Success

If you have run a number of marketing campaigns on TikTok, you might be wondering if they have been a success. You can access this kind of information with TikTok analytics. Below you will find a list of metrics that might help you better understand which marketing efforts have been effective. It is a great way to discover your next campaign’s good formula.

Analytical View of Your TikTok Profile

TikTok performance is the first thing you should verify. You can easily boost your TikTok performance when you buy likes for TikTok video content. It can be done on your TikTok profile’s Overview tab.  On the “overview” page of your profile, you should focus on the following three metrics:

Views On A User’s Profile

How many individuals have visited your profile in the previous seven to 28 days can be found in the profile views tab. If you buy real TikTok views, you can quickly increase your traffic rate on your TikTok account. You can select the exact content type which gets you the huge traffic to your TikTok profile because the datas is updated every single day.

Number Of Times A Video Has Been Viewed

Depending on the date stamp you choose, you can see how many times your videos have been seen during the previous seven to twenty-eight days. You can see the performance of your TikTok videos exactly in this video views tab.

The Number Of People Who Have Followed Your Account

Information on follower metrics is shown at 7- to 28-day intervals. By connecting profile and video views to follower spikes, this tool lets you see which of your posts are attracting new viewers and followers. As a result, you will be able to better recognize what your followers expect from you.

Use TikTok Pro to get more information

It is possible to acquire an overview of a person’s profile for free. To see whether or not your most recent TikTok marketing campaigns were a success, you want to think about getting TikTok pro, which offers more specific data, such as:

UGC(User Generated Content)

It is created by the TikTok users with the target hashtags added in their videos. Number of participants or UGC video content shared with the hashtag challenge, in addition to

If a hashtag is used in a video, then the overall number of views on all videos that utilise the campaign’s hashtag. Number of times a video has been seen and the number of times a user has clicked on the hashtag challenge.

CPV(Cost Per View)

Information about two CPVs is available:

  • CPV is calculated only by looking at how many times the influencer’s work has been seen.  
  • Views for UGC content with the campaign hashtag are counted toward the CPV total.

CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

It is possible to report two types of CPEs:

  • CPE is based only on the total number of times a piece of influencer content has been engaged with.
  • Based on the total number of TikTok interactions for UGC content with the hashtag challenge, the CPE is calculated.

The Median Views Per Channel

A TikTok influencer’s TikTok channel’s average number of views. Median rather than average is recommended since viral videos do not influence this measure.

Posts Engagement Rate At Average

Engagement is a key metric for determining the effectiveness of any social media effort. As a result, the Average Engagement Rate Per Post measure provides a key summary of your campaign’s overall performance.

In order to make informed decisions, you will need to know what trends are worth following for your brand’s target audience, what sorts of video content are effective, and what types aren’t, while looking at sponsored posts from TikTok influencers. This information will help you alter your approach accordingly.

Your TikTok videos’ engagement is defined by the meaningful interactions your audience has with them. It includes behaviours such as liking and commenting on a post. TikTok engagement is always greater when it is higher.


The success of your TikTok marketing plan depends on the ability to monitor and measure the results of your social media efforts.

Analyzing your TikTok campaign results, audience, reach, and engagement data can help to influence your estimates of the amount of individuals who will become actual consumers and make purchases as a result of your efforts.

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