TikTok – How do I create a video?

Of course, I hope that you are all busy TikTok users. If that is the case, however, you are still missing a very important function on the way to a real TikToker. That’s why buy tiktok video views this blog is best because it’s all about the question of how you can create TikTok videos yourself.

The most important steps are summarized here.

The colored plus at the bottom in the middle brings the user to the video editor.

Record videos with TikTok

The videos can be recorded directly in the TikTok app. This enables the image to match the sound in the background perfectly.


The most important thing about every TikTok video is the sound in the background. You can find it by clicking on Sound in the top center. Here you can choose between different songs or select a specific song using the search function. To select the song for the video, click on the red tick. As soon as you have decided on a song, the second function from the bottom is the trim song symbol. There you can select the desired music sequence. If you don’t yet know which song goes with your video, you can add the song later or leave it out entirely.


At TikTok, 60-second or 15-second videos or a photo show can be recorded. The selection is in the middle at the bottom of the screen.


To the left of the red button are the effects. When recording a TikTok video, there are tons of different to choose from. It’s best to just try something out here. I really like the green screen. With this effect, you can use an image as a video background.

Turn around

With the first function at the top right, you can switch the camera to the front camera.


Right below you can show or hide the speed display. When this is displayed, a bar with various speeds appears in the middle of the screen. This affects how fast the music plays when you record a video. The function is very useful, for example, if you later playback the movements to the video faster than you perform them. For example, if you choose 3x, you can move to the slow music. The movement and the song later match perfectly in the fast-playing video

Beauty mode

Below the speed function is the beauty mode, a filter that automatically makes some beauty corrections. Small pimples are retouched like that.


The filter function can also be found on the right-hand side. If you click on a filter, you can see directly how it will look on your video. We already know this function from other social media platforms.


Another very useful feature when recording videos is the timer. On the one hand, this serves as a self-timer so that the record button does not have to be pressed. The countdown to the start of the recording is either 3 or 10 seconds. On the other hand, you can also specify up to which point in the song should be recorded. This is very useful, for example, if you want to create videos in which you change clothes, for example. To do this, you stop recording at a certain point in the song. At this point, you jump up, for example. For the next recording, you set the timer and jump up at the last second before the recording. So you end up with different clothes on the floor exactly at the start of the video. Here is an example of what such a video ultimately looks like.


In this confusion how to make a tiktok video this is the helpful thing probably the most important button is the big red record button in the lower middle. The video starts with one click on the red button and stops with another. Another part of the video can easily be recorded by pressing the record button again. The two recordings are automatically cut together and their length can also be changed in the next step. Even when recording a video, there are many ways to edit it. In the next step, editing the video, you have different options.

Editing the videos

The recorded videos can still be edited here. If you did not record the video with TikTok, but uploaded an existing video from your own gallery, you will also go directly to this step.


At the top on the right edge are the filters. These are identical to those that could already be used for the recordings. Click on a filter to see how it will look on the video.

Sound affects the sound effects

Are located below the filters this can be used to distort the voices in the original sound or in the specified sound.


With the voiceover function, a spoken tone can be added afterwards. To do this, click on the function and start recording at the point in the video where the voiceover should begin. To end the voice, press the button again.


This function can only be used if a sound has been selected for the video (bottom left). The slider can then be used to determine where the song should begin.


The last function on the right is that of volume. If the video has an original sound and a sound in the background, the volume control can be used to determine which sound should be heard how well.


There are also various functions at the bottom. At the bottom left is the sound where music can be added to the video.


Can also be assigned to the video here to add an effect to a certain point, drag the slider to the desired point in the video and keep the button with the effect pressed for as long as it is to be used.

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