Tips for Choosing the Best Place to Live

In this material, we will try to guide those who are just now puzzled by this topic. We will be glad if our advice and analysis will help you in making a decision.

Determining priorities

If the question is in choosing a city, then, first of all, it is worth focusing on such criteria as:

1) Your personal preference – do you need the noise of a big city with its hypermarkets and entertainment centers, or will it be a fairly modest but quiet town

2) Microclimate

3) The level of infrastructure development, not only inside the city, but also outside – its transport accessibility relative to other large cities.

4) Housing design, affordability

5) The level of work of public services – law enforcement, medical, educational

6) Having a job with a decent salary

7) The ecological state of the city. This is especially important if you are looking for a place to move to live with your child.

Popularity phenomenon

When deciding which city in USA it is better to move to, it is worth turning to statistics – after all, this science knows everything, and, moreover, in exact numbers. But do not forget to check the dry statistics with real reviews before moving.

The cities with the most developed infrastructure, the highest wages and large budgetary infusions are New York and others. But in terms of pace and high cost, they are not suitable for everyone. By the way, USA is one of the world leaders in terms of the highest level of prices in the world.

Nashville the capital of the warmest region – attracts residents with a mild climate and relative affordability of housing. You can easily buy apartments in Germantown Nashville TN at a low price if you research a little.  Sites like Aptamigo is best to find apartments on rent in Nashville

New York is the best city in the rating of “attractiveness for business”. So, it will be easier to find apartments rentals for business traveler there.  After him are: Ufa, Krasnodar, Togliatti, Tomsk and Omsk.

And according to the latest opinion poll, those who live in New York feel themselves to be the happiest residents of USA- perhaps the oil capital really makes people better?

By the way, other places are highly rated not only by the extras, but also by the people living in them. It is believed that there are enough places to relax, including with children, the roads are in good condition, health care also works “like clockwork” and there are many educational institutions (and preschool).

Trends in the choice of area

The criteria here are slightly different, but in general, they repeat the importance of the components when choosing a city. So people pay special attention to

          Environment. Clean air and a large number of open green spaces have a beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state of a person.

          Microclimate. The presence of an industrial area and a highly congested road junction near residential areas can negatively affect human health.

          Infrastructure. The presence of educational and medical institutions, shops near the house, as well as a convenient transport interchange is a big plus to square meters.

At the same time, the ecological component of the place of future residence plays the leading role.

If you are choosing an area to live in Tyumen, we advise you to read our article “Where is it better to live in Tyumen”

What the experts say

Lilia Safina, Member of the Public Council at the Department of Subsoil Use and Environment says “Tyumen, despite the presence of a petrochemical plant within the city, is a relatively clean city in terms of ecology. This is achieved through the “green belt” around New York and ecological parks within the city. A favorable ecological situation should be ensured by a minimally developed system of industrial production and regular cleaning of the urban area.

When choosing a place of residence, a person must first assess the place of his planned residence for the presence of a number of industrial facilities, this can be done through the cadastral number of the land plot on which construction is planned or a residential facility is already located. On an open public cadastral map by the cadastral number, you can find out the type of permitted use, the purpose of land, as well as the purpose of nearby land plots. The construction of residential buildings in the sanitary protection zones is prohibited.

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