Top 10 Korean webtoons you need to read once more time on 2021

Perhaps the name Webtoon is not strange to readers around the world anymore when you can see that Webtoon’s global coverage is extremely large. Webtoon was born in the early 200s and has grown steadily since then. Webtoon is suitable for all ages because in webtoon there are all kinds of stories for everyone. Recognizing the needs of readers, webtoon is posted, published weekly on each platform. Recently, webtoon has been published in digital form, so readers will find it even more convenient to be able to read webtoon via phone, computer,… Webtoon is not just for stress relief, it’s also a great cultural resource for readers who want to learn more about Korea. Here are some good webtoons that you should read:
1.  About the Death
About Death is a 22-episode drama genre, rated 9.83/10. This manhwa focuses on understanding the world between life and death. The main character can talk to people on those two boundaries. Webtoon carries a breath of regret, loss,…

2. Sound of Your Heart

Sound of your heart is a comedy genre, including 526 episodes, rated 9.56/10. Composed by artist Cho Seok, Sound of your heart is about the main character’s satirical life. The other characters are just relatives, friends, neighbors, they are put in strange situations to highlight the content of the story.

3. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap is composed by Soonkki, in the romance genre, with 77 episodes, rated 9.69/10. Manhwa focuses on the love story between college students. Those are pretty complicated relationships.

4. Dice

Dice is composed by Hyunseok Yun, belongs to the fantasy genre, is still in the writing process and is updated every Wednesday, rated 9.59/10. Dice tells the story of a boy who is often bullied at school. One day, someone asked me to play dice and it seemed like the story really started now.

5. Kubera

Kubera is created by Currygom, belongs to the fantasy genre, is updated every Monday and is rated 9.7/10. Manhwa simply follows a girl in an ordinary town. It all started when she had to avenge her loved ones. Her family has been wiped out by dark forces.

6. If AI ruled the World

If AI rules the World written by Pogo vs Hoopa, genre science fiction, updated every Monday, rated 9.67/10. If AI ruled the World, it would be about a world in which AI is a part of life, and can help people solve all problems. But everything has its price. So what is the price here?

7. Tower of God

Tower of God is written by Siu, in the fantasy genre, updated every Monday and rated 9.81/10. Tower of God is about a boy and a girl who are trapped in a mysterious tower. One day the girl escaped from that tower and the boy had no choice but to chase. So what will happen?

8. Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance is written by Lee Yone, in the horror genre, updated every Thursday, rated 9.81/10. Surviving Romance is about Chaerin Eun, when she accidentally becomes the main character in the story she is reading. She thought this would be a “pink” novel, but it turned out to be terrifying.

9. Oh! Holy

Oh! Holy of Ahyun, belongs to the romance genre, lasts 80 episodes and is rated 9.7/10. This webtoon is about a couple who have been close friends since they were very young but only met each other in high school. Because the male lead could see ghosts, she read quite well, the female lead was considered a beauty at that time. So what will bring them together?

10. Untouchable

Untouchable of Massstar, is in the romance manhwa genre, lasting 140 episodes and rated 9.68/10. This webtoon follows a modern-day vampire. But this vampire doesn’t suck blood, it absorbs energy by touching people. But one day, she developed feelings for a guy but that guy always hides from her.

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