Top 5 Best Storage Solutions for Your Self Defense Shotgun

If you chose a self defense shotgun as your firearm of choice for home defense, then your head is in the right place. Since a shotgun shines from close range and in close-quarters combat, you’re better protected with a shotgun in your home. However, do you know how to store your shotgun to make it easily accessible? Perhaps your current storage solution could use an upgrade.

The primary topic of this article is home storage solutions for self defense shotguns. In the following sections, you’ll learn the optimal ways to store your shotgun that allow you to access it in seconds, not minutes. Because every second counts when you need to defend yourself in the event of a home invasion.

1) Biometric Access

Biometric access is growing in popularity due to better technology becoming available to the average joe, which has also made a biometric shotgun safe more affordable. In case you’re unfamiliar with biometrics, biometric access allows you to store your fingerprints using a built-in sensor.

When it comes time to access your shotgun, all you need to do is scan your fingerprint to access your safe. As you can see, this makes accessing your firearm a lot faster than other methods. Yet, the drawback is that not all companies manufacture reliable biometric sensors.

When selecting your safe, it’s smart not to dip too far down into the bargain basement because the sensor could fail in a clutch moment, which negates the point of owning a biometric safe in the first place.

2) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Another quick-access method that allows for stealth access to your firearm is RFID. The magic of RFID is the built-in reader that’s matched to another item. Common items that provide RFID access are key fobs, decals, and wristbands.

To access the safe, simply hold one of the matched items up to the safe. Once the RFID reader picks up the item, the safe immediately opens. Comparatively, RFID access can be even faster than a biometric sensor, depending on the safe and the quality of the components.

In the RFID safe category, Hornady is one of the leaders. Hornady’s full-size shotgun safes for long guns are some of the best you’ll find on the market. Plus, Hornady is one of the only companies that manufacture RFID long gun safes.

3) Digital Keypad

Next up is digital keypad access. With this method, you’re able to program your own code that accesses the safe. The key here is to choose a safe with backlit numbers for clear vision at night and the option to mute the buttons. After all, the last thing you want is for an intruder to hear you accessing your safe because they’ll know what that means.

Two of the advantages of choosing a safe with keypad access are that it’s very easy to find one, and it’s usual available along with other access methods. And while not quite as fast as RFID or biometrics, digital keypad access is still worth a look.

4) Under-Bed Storage

As far as storage options go, an under-bed safe is an excellent choice if you want rapid access to your self defense shotgun. In this category, there are two types of safes, and both of them come with their own sets of pros & cons.

Firstly, there’s the safe that flips open from the side, which allows for the quickest access. The only drawback is that only the first firearm is easy to access since your firearms are stored horizontally.

Secondly, there’s an under-bed safe on a track that rolls out as a drawer and opens from the top. This type of safe allows you to clearly see everything inside the safe and grab your firearm of choice. However, it does take a little longer to access it since you must roll it out.

5) Concealment Furniture

Last but not least is to invest in a piece of concealment furniture. If you live alone or with adults only, then this method is certainly worth considering. However, if you have children in the house, you’ll want to stick with a safe for a higher level of security and to protect your family.

Your best option for storing a shotgun in concealment furniture is a wooden bench that can be placed at the foot of your bed. At first glance, no one will suspect that you have firearms hidden inside the bench, especially if you place a blanket or two inside the bench to further conceal your shotgun.

Overall, you might find that a good piece of concealment furniture makes you feel the most comfortable since you don’t have to rely on biometric or RFID readers. Instead, you just have to know where to look.


These are your best solutions when it comes to storing your self defense shotgun for quick-access. Since a self defense shotgun is made to be used in emergency situations, it’s imperative to know that you have access to it in a jiffy.

One last tip is to practice accessing your firearm after choosing which storage solution works best for you. As a result, you’ll know exactly how to access your firearm in the least amount of time.

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