Top 7 most needed bulk school supplies for donation and charity

For those who want to give a much-needed gift during a holiday season or before school starts, consider donating classroom supplies to students in need. Whether it be materials for elementary school children, middle school students, or high schoolers, all supplies come in handy when trying to think of how to improve a child’s learning experience.

School supplies are a must-have when learning in school since they help boost students’ self-confidence, responsibility, self-esteem, and ability to learn in class. Without supplies, students may struggle to remember the critical information taught in a lesson.

Let’s see the most-needed bulk school supplies for a donation!

7 most-needed bulk school supplies – you can buy these online at a store like Bags in Bulk!

At Bags in bulk, we are the premier supplier of both bulk school supplies and wholesale school supply kits, at unbeatable prices. With just one click you can ship any teacher’s wish list of items directly to their classroom or the homes of their students, and make back to school season a lot less stressful.

People who want to donate school supplies can shop online at stores, like BAgs in Bulk, to find affordable and extensive options when it comes to supplies for classrooms.

Bulk pencil cases

One of the most-needed items for children in school today is pencil cases when buying supplies in Bulk. Pencil cases help students keep track of their writing utensils to ensure they stay organized and can take notes in class. Without pens or pencils, students would not write down the most essential information said by the teacher during the course.

In addition, a pencil case helps students organize their writing utensils for at-home use. To do homework, most students need a pen or pencil to fill out a homework sheet, complete an assignment or write an essay for class. Although digital learning is becoming more and more common, many schools still use pencil and paper for completing homework assignments.

Without a pencil case, students would have nowhere to organize their pencils or pens. Although some backpacks offer pencil slots to hold pencils when not in use, a pencil case makes it easy to store multiple writing utensils simultaneously, like 15-20 pens and pencils.

For those who want to donate a valuable item to charity for students, consider donating bulk pencil cases from an online marketplace, like Bags in Bulk, to help students in need.

Bulk pencils

Pencils are one of the most essential school supply items that a student can own. Without a pencil, students cannot take standardized tests since the bubbles on the sheet must be filled in by #2 pencils to be graded accurately by the Scantron machine. In addition, the #2 pencils are often considered the standardized method for writing for many teachers and schools around the country.

Buying a pack of Bulk pencils is an excellent gift for students in need of school supplies. Since pencils wear down over time and can break when stored in your backpack, buying multiple pencils simultaneously is an excellent way to save money and provide a valuable gift for students of all ages.

Students in elementary school, middle school, and high school all use #2 pencils in the classroom for homework, quizzes, and tests. In addition, this type of pencil is often the gold standard used for tests and quizzes turned in when using in a public school system. Having a case of #2 pencils ensures you are always prepared for class.

Furthermore, buying a pack of Bulk pencils is cheap, considering the long-term return you earn from this product. Those who purchase bulk pencils from an online wholesale store, like Bags in Bulk, can save money and time from buying individual writing utensils at various stores.


If you are in middle school or high school, you may find that you can do some of your assignments in pen. Pens are usually easier to write with than pencils because they glide smoother over the paper, they can be reused multiple times, and you don’t have to sharpen the point after use. Although pens are typically not accepted for tests or standardized tests since you can’t erase a mistake, they are useful for homework assignments.

If you want to donate a school item to a middle schooler or high schooler, buying bulk pens is a foolproof way to save money and provide a valuable gift to students of any age. Look for an online retailer, like Bags in Bulk, who can give you a good deal on dozens of pens to give to a student.

Bulk notebooks

The fourth option for a gift for students in need of supply donations is bulk notebooks. Fortunately, notebooks always come in handy during school, whether for taking notes or doing homework. The best part about notebooks is that your paper is all in one place, and it stays organized, ensuring you don’t have to deal with multiple loose pieces of paper in your backpack.

Instead of ripping out pieces of paper and putting them in a folder, you can keep your paper in a notebook for increased efficiency and ease of use. When buying bulk notebooks, you can purchase different colored options to stay organized with different subjects. For example, you can use a blue notebook for science, a green notebook for history, or an orange notebook for English class.

Having different colored notebooks makes it easy to keep your notes organized while studying for an upcoming test or quiz. When buying notebooks in Bulk, consider purchasing multiple colors for the student to easily compartmentalize their materials.

Bulk folders

Another choice when donating school supplies to students is buying bulk folders. Folders are an excellent option for organizing handouts in class, keeping your old quizzes and tests, and storing homework assignments before or after turning them in to the teacher. You can purchase different colored folders to organize your tasks based on your subject, such as using a blue folder for your history class.

When buying bulk folders, look for a cheap option on an online marketplace, like Bags in Bulk. Purchasing dozens of folders simultaneously ensures you save money, time, and effort browsing around different online stores for the best price.

Bulk binders

When buying a much-needed school item for children in need of donations, the sixth option is purchasing bulk binders. Bulk binders are a great way to save money and effort looking at different stores. Binders in school help students organize their papers, store homework assignments, and use the 3-ring section to hold notebook paper.

Using a binder helps children learn how to use a 3-ring hole punch to use paper assignments to store in their binder. Binders are commonly used in middle and high school, with students using multiple binders for different subjects.

Binders come in all sizes and colors, ensuring students can customize and personalize their own learning experience. There are laminated sleeves on the inside flaps of the binder to hold your handouts and homework assignments. In the middle of the binder, three rings can be used to store notebook paper.

Since binders come in different colors, you can purchase bulk binders to let students easily organize their subjects. For example, students can store their science papers in a green binder, history papers in an orange binder, and English assignments in a red binder.

Bulk erasers

The final option when donating school supplies to children for charity is purchasing bulk erasers. Erasers are always needed in a school setting, whether elementary school students, middle schoolers, or high schoolers. No matter the age, erasers come in handy when editing and changing homework assignments, tests, or quizzes.

Bulk erasers help the buyer save money by selling dozens or hundreds of hand-held erasers in one package. For those who want to save time and effort, consider purchasing bulk erasers at an online wholesale store, like Bags in Bulk.


Bags in Bulk provides affordable school supplies at a low price! If you want to do a good deed and donate school supplies to children in need, consider giving some of the must-have items necessary for a comprehensive learning experience. Givers should consider providing binders, bulk erasers, bulk notebooks, bulk pencils, bulk pens, bulk pencil cases, and much more!

By giving a gift of learning, you can help children enhance their comprehension in the classroom. Without supplies, children will have a difficult time understanding the teacher’s lesson since they cannot take notes or participate in class.

By donating supplies, you can ensure all children in the classroom feel confident, prepared, and like they are a part of the conversation during the discussion. Consider purchasing school supplies in bulk so you can buy inexpensive materials for students without breaking the bank, shopping at an online wholesale store like Bags in Bulk.

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