Top LMS Vendors To Choose From For Corporate Training In 2021

Considering the size of the global LMS market and your options for choosing an LMS, how do you know which learning platform will work best for your business? Which features are important? What options do you have? Are there any sensible budget parameters? Is there any way to prevent overspending? Are LMSs the best solution for your business?

What’s the first step? To overcome these questions, you will need to understand the fact that there are different types of LMS depending on your need. We are going to discuss the top LMS that is useful for corporate training. Let’s get started with the list of top LMS that can be used in a corporate setting to train your employees and customers.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is perhaps among the top systems that small and medium enterprises can choose to further make their HR services and employee management more effective. These tools can be used for onboarding new hires, keeping track of the training deployed to the employees, analyzing how employees are performing, and also creating reports.

This software mainly focuses on four major business operations, namely recruitment, learning, performance management, and human resource management. As a result, this platform offers all the essential functions of human capital management in one place, via the cloud.

This app has its market mostly in the field of medical care, administration, technology industry, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.


SumTotal Maestro is an accomplished Human Resource Management and Learning Management solution. It is full of tools and capacities for full employee lifecycle management. The platform is developed for global enterprises as well as small and mid-sized companies.

SumTotal is a comprehensive cloud-based software that delivers the following solutions: learning management, talent acquisition, 360 feedback, compensation, workforce management, payroll, benefits, core HR, performance, and more. 


Saba is an online platform that is known for effectively blending traditional classroom learning with online and eLearning. Organizations from a wide range of industries like food & restaurant, clothing, and many other small and mid-size businesses use Saba. The Saba Intelligent Talent Management consists of modules that are based on machine learning, providing proactive, personalized suggestions on applicants, as well as relevant content recommendations. In addition to learning, organizations use it for performance management, collaboration, meetings, and HR planning. 

SAP Litmos

As the key connection between people and performance, SAP Litmos solutions help companies leverage learning for improved performance. With SAP Litmos Training, you can take advantage of powerful yet easy-to-use LMS features for administrators and learners. They provide Training Contents that are video-based courses on a variety of topics. Litmos LMS pricing is more affordable than others. With SAP Litmos solutions, companies can enhance the knowledge of employees, customers, and partners. Employees can focus on what they do best, which increases customer engagement and loyalty. 

eLogic Learning

The app is designed around the needs of the user. In order to make your brand stand out, LMS portals can be customized to target specific audiences, provide detailed course information and visuals, and feature customized templates for emails, certificates, and many more options. This software has various features that are good for business. It has Custom branding, Reporting engine, Administrative functionality, Course management, Learner-centered experience, and many more options. Overall, it is a combination of brand identity as well as learning management.


This is a powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience in your ecosystem. A learning management system engages learners and empowers admins by enhancing learning effectiveness and enabling distributed learning at scale. It has all learning from microlearning to eLearning, video, webinars, social collaboration, meetings, and eCommerce, and uses real-time learning data for better performance.


Docebo allows users to have varied activities such as online, in-person, virtual classroom, social/informal gatherings through a centralized system that spans various business units and organizational branches. It also enables a pull model where new hires can instantly access learning and knowledge assets and reach out to subject matter experts on their time to learn the sales process or product.

Traditional academic education has been mostly about person-to-person in-classroom teaching. But with remote working being the new normal, we need a learning platform that can be accessed anywhere on the earth. A method of learning that will give the desired results and is reliable for corporate training. This can be provided by an LMS that you can rely on.

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