Top Reasons to Visit Tortuga Bay – Santa Cruz Island

When looking for somewhere to visit on vacation, you look for somewhere akin to what you might find as wallpaper on your computer. Soft sand, crystal waters, blue skies, and a sense of paradise. Well, this is exactly what most people see as they arrive at Tortuga Bay. 

If you’re tempted to choose this as your next vacation adventure, let’s see if the following reasons convince you further. 

Secluded Location

If you want something secluded and away from your existing world, Tortuga Bay is one of the best places on the planet. Within seconds, you’ll forget about your emails, the upcoming meetings, and deadlines, and you’ll just enjoy some time either by yourself or with loved ones. 

Located on Santa Cruz Island, the only way to access Tortuga Bay is via a water-taxi ride from the Puerto Ayora dock. That’s right – you’ll travel via water taxi like something from James Bond to reach your destination. 

Wonderful Wildlife

Do you ever feel like the over-developed land at home is a shame for the local wildlife? In many cases, beautiful animals are pushed further and further away from their homes just to find something to eat. With Tortuga Bay, you have a location that respects, appreciates, and loves the wildlife. 

The beach is preserved, and no swimmers are allowed access to many areas. What does this mean? Well, you’ll see Galapagos crabs, marine iguanas, rare birds, and more. Bring your binoculars and camera because the volcanic rocks are home to species that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. You might even see the Galapagos tortoise or brown pelican. 

For those who enjoy snorkeling, some areas of Tortuga Bay are reserved for this activity. As you swim alongside tropical fish, you’ll share memories with loved ones that you won’t forget in a hurry. The luckiest snorkelers also come across white tip reef sharks and even tiger sharks. 

Year-Round Weather

Ultimately, the weather is also welcoming all through the calendar year. While June to November is cooler and more manageable for those who don’t cope well with the heat, December to May is hotter (be ready to deal with possible rain showers as the afternoon comes, though!). Regardless of when you go, wildlife remains the same. 

Unique Experience

Whether you visit on a cruise or on a designated trip, Tortuga Bay on the Santa Cruz Island offers a truly unique experience. Tortuga Bay is open between 6 am and 6 pm, and you’ll need to sign in and out with the Galapagos Park Service office. With limited and monitored visitors, you’ll have peace, quiet, and serenity whenever you choose to visit (well, apart from the characterful wildlife by your side!). 

See the Island in Different Ways

Not everybody wants to get into the water and snorkel in the designated areas, and this is why they also offer kayaking. Depending on your preference, you can see the island however you wish between walking, snorkelling, kayaking, or even a Galapagos Islands cruise.

As you walk to the protected bay through Playa Brava, you’ll see lots of kayaks available to rent. In these areas, the current is calm (unlike in the areas where swimming is prohibited), and you’ll see everything underneath thanks to the crystal-clear water.  Also, you can use some tape to get more colors in the image AceBoater Florida. 

With all of this (and so much more!), it’s no surprise that more people are choosing the Galapagos Islands and Tortuga Bay as vacation destinations. See unique wildlife, enjoy time with loved ones, go snorkelling in clear waters, and soak up the postcard-worthy weather and landscape!

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