Use These Web Design Tricks to Increase Conversions

With modern technology, there is only one thing that remains constant – changes. These changes happen fast, and digital marketers have to stay abreast with them for the sake of their businesses and stay in the race. With web designs, it is crucial to be aware of the latest trends and ensure that the website represents the business at its best. Web owners and professionals from Indianapolis web design agencies know that up-to-date web design is a significant factor in increasing conversions and ROI. Neglecting to optimize a web design places the business at a disadvantage, experiencing more bounce rates, and ranking low on Google and other search engines. What follows is a decrease in conversions and sales.

The web design of any online business is essential because online users find designs interesting. It is a fact that visuals are attractive to people, and the more appealing they are, the more they are drawn to it. It has also been proven that opinions are formed quite quickly based on what people see. First impressions last and an outdated website that is poorly designed will not create a good impression. It reflects the business and how it is run by its owners. It loses credibility, potential customers, and sales. Search engines are also unimpressed and rank the site poorly. Thus, everything is affected by web design, and it must be optimized to the fullest.

Below are a few web design tricks that can effectively increase conversions.

Video landing page

The landing page is an independent web page that is designed specifically for marketing products or services. Typically, web owners utilize texts or infographics to catch the attention of visitors and engage them. The landing page aims to prompt visitors to react, so it is necessary to give them the most information. However, it can be a challenge to offer all of that information on the landing page. Too much text can make visitors lose interest and leave. Thus, a video landing page can be more effective in maintaining users’ interest and keeping them engaged. A lot of information is derived from videos, and they can be shared quickly with users. Videos provide all of the details the company wants to share with its audience more entertainingly and sends the message across better. Videos also offer the most information using less material. Nonetheless, content is still essential for ranking on search engines, but videos have their way of helping users understand the content better and increase conversions.

Mobile optimization

Conversions happen when users acquire the information they need wherever they are. As an online business, the edge over traditional businesses is having a 24/7 online shop that potential customers can visit when they need something. However, a web design that is not optimized for mobile devices defeats that purpose. The reason is that the majority of users rely on their mobile devices for anything they need. They carry these devices around and there is no telling when they require information or are interested in specific products or services. Websites that are designed to be mobile-friendly help users find what they need wherever they go. The content, videos, and images on their mobile devices are comparable to how they view them on desktops or laptops. There is the ease of navigation, and potential customers can easily be converted to buying customers. Additionally, optimized mobile-friendly sites are recognized by search engines as relevant and helpful to online users. They also deserve a higher ranking on search engine results.

Website speed optimization

Just as online users expect mobile-friendly websites, they also look for those that load quickly. Website speed is a crucial element of website design that affects conversions. When a user clicks on the site for information, they want it to pop up immediately. In a matter of seconds, a user can decide whether the site is worth pursuing or not. Anything close to 3 seconds or more of loading speed is considered to be too long for an impatient user who wants results asap. If a business is aiming for conversions, they must pay close attention to the speed of their website. The faster it loads, the higher the chances of increasing conversions. Website speed is also a ranking factor, which makes it absolutely necessary to have it fully optimized.

For business owners, availing of the services of a professional Indianapolis web design agency is an excellent idea. With their help, a website design is professionally created and meets all the standards of search engines and users alike. If potential customers are satisfied with the web design and all of its latest features, the company can enjoy increased conversions and a higher search engine ranking too.

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