Various bonuses offered by a casino online

When you look at the competition between the online casinos out there, you would get amazed. To cope with this competition, every casino is doing all it could to attract and retain customers. The primary option for them is to provide the following bonuses.

Welcome bonus

You read it right and that is the meaning for the bonus also. A welcome or joining bonus is the reward offered to someone who joins the casino with his initial deposit for the first time. Let us assume that you wish to start your gambling career with any casino online and you search online. The first thing you will see in the promotion of the casinos would be their welcome bonuses. They would either say that they would offer you fifty percent of your deposit as a welcome bonus or say that you can take your entire deposit as the bonus. There would be some variations in the size of the joining bonus. However, the idea of attracting new customers by offering a bonus right away worked well for the casinos and the process is still in action. You could not find an online casino that does not offer a welcome bonus. But you could not withdraw the welcome bonus before playing for a fixed sum.

Referral bonus

Let us assume that you have bought the welcome bonus and have joined the casino. If your casino offers a referral bonus, it would ask you all to refer someone to the website and earn your rewards. A referral reward is something that a member of the online casino could get when he manages to increase the customer base of the casino by referring someone from his circle. You can try convincing your friends or family members to join the same website. Since you are a member of the casino already, people would consider joining the casino believing it would be reliable. Hence, you would not find making someone join the casino difficult. So, this type of bonus is also popular among casino players.

No-deposit bonus

Some casinos would not even ask you to make your initial deposit with the website to play your first few games. Since the majority of newbie players are not willing to enter risky casino gaming because of the requirement to make a deposit initially. So, casinos have decided to increase the number of newcomers by offering no-deposit bonuses.

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