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All up and ready to go, expect a few minutes of jogging and some stretching before the workout starts. What will the workout consist of? We’ll start with a sprint or sprint-speed walk to warm up, followed by some jumping, followed by some strengthening of the core muscles. What will be the aims of the workout? To get a full body workout with a few short spikes in the ground.

Jump Jumps

These are 2-weeks-old workouts using jump rope. While the jump rope works your body, the jumps train your mind. There will be a lot of familiar faces in the workout, but there will also be new ones. Why? To test your jumping ability and see if you can Charter jump to your heart’s content. We will be using the jump rope at different points of the workout so your mind doesn’t get stuck on the movements you aren’t used to.


These workouts will target your chest and upper-back muscles, mainly. It’s recommended that you practice these a few times a week. To go along with the workout, you can also experiment with free hand pushups.

Jump Rope Jigokudani

This is a traditional Jigokudanyan workout, which means it assumes that you are a child. In this workout, you’ll push yourself up against the wall with your hands, while also having your partner assist you. You don’t have to keep your hands very close to the wall, and you don’t need to be as strong as your partner. What is included in this workout? You will want to do pushups, jigoks, and drop chin poses.

Jump Rope Climbs

The common denominator between these workouts is the challenge. You might not be able to do them for 1-2 hours, but you can do them for 1-2 days. What is included in these workouts? You will want to do back flips, front flip, and turnaround jibs. You will also like to do pushups and pull-ups and do some stretching before and after each workout.

Jump Ropestarts

These are only for advanced climbers. They are not meant for the beginner, who can handle the technique and even join in for the celebrations. These workouts target your basic body moves like climbing up, down, and side to side. What is included in these workouts? You will want to do handstands, wall slides, and cobra poses.

Muscular Development and Exercises

Last, but not least, is our final workout. We will be using the push-ups as our model for these exercises. You can try to incorporate these into your weekly workout and see if you like them better. If you find these a little boring, you can always try incorporating them into your daily workout. We recommend doing them in both relaxed and efficient timeouts, since you will be doing them a lot. What is included in these exercises? You will want to do pushups, jigoks, and drop chin poses.


This workout is designed to get you ready for your first day of job training. You will be doing a lot of jogging, stretching, and building up to the push-ups and jigs. You will also want to do lots of body weight exercises, like squats, leg presses, and deadlifts, as well as machines and apps to help you stay on target. The final part of the workout is to do some muscle formation and exercise optimization, to make sure you have the best possible body. If you are interested in starting your workout journey, we recommend starting with a couple of easy exercises like pushups and pull-ups, followed by more advanced exercises, like square jumps and circle jumps. In all, you will have a great time and have developed great strength and flexibility.

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