Ways to Make Your New Business Stand Out This Year

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There are many reasons why businesses fail, and one of the top ones is poor differentiation. Although you may understand why it’s important to make your business outstanding today, like many business owners, you may have had a hard time determining the best ways to actually do it. Granted, making a new business stand out in a crowd of fierce competitors is not the easiest thing. However, there are some methods that have proven to increase your chances of success. They include the following:

Provide an outstanding customer service

Roughly 75% of customers consider customer service the true test of any company’s competence. Most of the largest companies, such as Amazon, Apple, and Hyundai, are known to focus on offering great customer service. This is why they’re always at the top.

In order to improve your customer service, you need to treat your new and old customers more like royalty. Every customer that interacts with your business expects to receive a great service; they will always try to avoid your business if they associate it with things like long queues and poor responses from your representatives. Since many companies are yet to excel at providing outstanding customer service, you can take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself and build a remarkable identity.

Build a robust online presence

Today, most consumers go online to find local businesses. That means that companies that have invested in a strong online presence always have the advantage when it comes to attracting these consumers and succeeding in the long run. One of the critical things you need to do to build a robust digital presence is making sure that your website is responsive. The website should be able to scale its elements and content to correspond to the screen size on which the users are accessing it. That is a great way to make sure there is a consistent view of the valuable information and content you’re sharing.

Secondly, build a mobile app or have one built for you to tailor the user experience in a way that meets your user expectations. It’s always a good idea to learn the basics of app development and do it yourself instead of hiring a third-party company to do the job for you. Besides being cheaper, building the app yourself can help you come up with something more effective because you understand your audience, business, and goals better than anyone else. You can select an amazing app builder from the countless options available today to get started.

Lastly, increase your presence on social media. Start with LinkedIn and Facebook and gradually move to the other platforms, making sure you build your business page alongside your personal profile on each.

Reward your customers

We both know that consumers are more likely to spend a lot more on businesses they’re loyal to. One of the best ways to create customer loyalty is by rewarding customers. A good example of a business that has cultivated loyalty through customer rewards is Starbucks. Although there are many coffee shops that provide better coffee than Starbucks, customers always keep going back to Starbucks because of its rewards program.

The best part about increasing customer loyalty is that loyal customers are more likely to recommend the business to their friends, family members, and co-workers. Therefore, as you try to market your business to new prospects, make it a priority to reward your current customers for spending money at your startup.

Narrow your niche

Serving everyone is akin to serving no one. Focusing on a wide scope makes it more difficult for people to see you as an authority or a credible problem solver in a particular business line. What’s worse is that it’s not even cost-effective to be broad. To differentiate a business, you need to define, narrowly, the audience you’re targeting. A business that is known to provide personal injury legal services, for instance, is more likely to stand out and attract more clients looking for personal injury services than a general legal services company.


Have you been struggling to stand out in your industry? If so, you can improve your situation by implementing these tips today. Although they might seem a bit daunting to implement at first, with a little patience and effort, you’ll reap the fruits eventually.

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