What Can You Combine with Your NZ Gin?

New Zealand is no stranger to balanced spirits. Even though they are neighbours to one of the biggest spirit producers globally, the small country is still a large consumer of alcoholic drinks such as gin. You can even find top-quality gin NZ has to offer if you know where to look. But now that you have your gin, what can you pair it with to enhance the flavour?

There are over a hundred commercial distilleries in New Zealand alone, so you have many options to choose from with gin. However, you should now know what you can pair it with to get the best-tasting experience.

In this post, you will find out the different pairings you can enjoy with gin to give you the best-tasting experience.


You can add mixers if you prefer a bit more flavour to your gin drink. You can choose tonic, which is the most popular combination because of its zesty taste. It is light and adds a bittersweet flavour to the vibrant taste of gin and the herbs that it’s composed of. For example, Juniper and coriander typically have a particular taste to them so that the tonic will balance it out.

You can also use lemonade and get the same desired taste, albeit sourer than a tonic water. Then, of course, you can choose sweeter mixers for your gin. But if you are watching out for calorie and sugar intake, you may want to settle for those with less of these ingredients.


Gin works well for many different kinds of food. You can have seafood with gin and tonic because the gin will be able to cleanse your palate from the fishy taste of seafood. Sushi and sashimi will work well with gin and tonic this way. Even if you eat smoked salmon, you can still get the seafood taste you want without getting overwhelmed.

Surprisingly, gin and tonic also pair well with cheese. You may think wines and champagne are the go-to drinks when eating cheese. But gin can also be paired with it if you are eating cheese that has a strong flavour. Like seafood, the gin acts as a palate cleanser so you can finally taste Camembert or Brique without having the strong after taste that comes with it if you drink gin after.


You can also go for snacks as well instead of main meals such as seafood and cheese. One kind of snack you can enjoy with gin is cured meat. Whether it is some jerky or even biltong, you can enjoy the taste without being overwhelmed if you pair it with gin and tonic or any other mixer.

If you are hosting a party at home and want to serve appetisers and drinks, you can choose gin, tonic, and cured meat. The combination can satisfy your taste buds without making you feel full before the main course. You can even serve berries with gin and tonic before you serve dinner. It is up to you which combinations you want to try.

As long as you know what to pair gin with, you will have an even better tasting experience than ever before. Look for the best gin NZ can offer and match it with the right food or mixer combination. You can enjoy it at home as a snack or serve it to your guests as an appetiser. Get creative with your gin and food combinations to satisfy your taste buds.

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