What is a Magento developer?

Choosing Magento or any other CMS platform for your online store, you will come across the problem of hiring an excellent developer. And if you’re not too knowledgeable about these issues, the process of selecting the best of the best will not be easy. Therefore, this article will contain essential information about a Magento dev and differentiate a lousy developer from a specialist who will satisfy all the clients’ needs. You will need a programmer who can tackle the technical development of your project and do it in shorter terms (possibly someone who’s done a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration).

Who is a perfect Magento developer?

Despite immense popularity, Magento is a complex platform, so you will need a qualified specialist who can work with a highly effective system. Why? Because it helps the company avoid further backend corrections in your online store. But before selecting a developer, let’s remember what types of Magento specialists exist:

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  • Frontend devs

These guys are responsible for a look at the online store, including the interface and the themes. Their primary goal is to ensure that the shop clients visit looks as visually appealing as possible. Not only does the site has to be pleasant for the eye of the beholder. It also has to be a smooth operator. The main goal for a frontend dev is to make sure the site glides through every device without a problem and the image is visually appealing. In addition, they want to make sure nothing bugs your eye when looking across the page. 

  • Backend devs

These guys are responsible for the backend part, the one you don’t see. It usually includes extensions and the way an online shop operates. Backend developers are as responsible for the store creation because you won’t be able to see the page correctly, refresh or save information without them in your cookies. 

Teamwork Vs. Freelancers?

When working with a team or a separate freelancer, you will come across a list of pros and cons. Of course, choosing a group of devs will mean spending a lot of money for renting a place and paying for their holidays. But if you decide to hire a team, you won’t need to think twice about the effectiveness of the end result. The adaptability of layout, module settings, integrations, and any development will be carried out with high Magento standards.

Yes, developers can be different. That’s why your choice needs to rely on your end goal, finances, and readiness to take a risk for the quantity/quality of staff. 

If you are working on a big project, you must ensure the developer you hire had already worked on similar projects regardless of who you choose. 

What Are a Magento Developer’s Duties?

Licensed specialists have to know how the system operates perfectly to install the platform on every OS quickly. In companies like Elogic, developers have to acquire a certificate. In addition, they need to manage and configure the system in case something goes wrong. Magento devs are also responsible for:

  • development of modules and extensions
  • integration with ERP, payment systems
  • optimization of the work of highly loaded services
  • theming, pixel-perfect layout, performing small tasks like connecting ready-made modules (for frontend developers)
  • writing high-quality, easily verifiable, scalable, and error-free code;
  • monitor the progress of the project and prepare reports on the status of the project;
  • development and improvement of new capabilities;
  • elimination of errors and problems in the development process;
  • teamwork and ensuring that product development deadlines are met;
  • communication with clients.

Requirements are strictly individual for every company; that’s why some employers want to work precisely with freelancers and others with a team of developers.

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