What is the best gaming laptop?

While the gaming market in the broad sense has been booming in recent years, the references of frightened 5e dedicated to gaming have literally exploded. Nowadays, almost all manufacturers have their brand devoted to gaming, to the point of reaching a certain overflow in this sector. To avoid having to sort it out yourself, here we offer you a selection of the best gaming laptops, which is regularly updated.

  1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

First presented at CES 2020 and launched last April in France, the ROG Zephyrus G14 is an amazing and compelling machine in many ways. Not content with choosing a 14-inch template, very compact and unusual in the gaming laptop market, ASUS was among the first to opt for the new AMD Ryzen 4000 processors with its G14.

A compact and ultra-pleasant gaming laptop

Alongside this Ryzen 9 4900HS (8 cores / 16 threads clocked between 3.0 and 4.3 GHz), ASUS integrates 16 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. A GPU chip, supporting ray tracing , which no longer needs to be proven and which is solid enough to run any title in the best conditions in 1080p, the native definition of the screen chosen by ASUS on the G14. This Full HD IPS panel was limited to only 60 Hz on the model we were able to test on Clubic in April, but a 120 Hz option is available on some models.

Beyond its performance in game, the Zephyrus G14 is agile, very agile, in video editing thanks to the 8 cores and 16 threads of its AMD processor. An excellent thing, especially since the heat dissipation is effective on the device, enough to allow the G14 to make the most of the capabilities of its Ryzen 9.

Some flaws, but of no great importance …

However, the main advantage of the product lies in its great potential when on the move. In terms of size, the bugger is comparable to an ultraportable a little thick, or a MacBook Pro 13 which would have taken weight (and 1 inch more diagonal …). It is therefore very easy to transport and can be used while traveling. This is even the goal displayed by ASUS. Perfect for mobile gamers. Another advantage of this G14: its autonomy. Unlike most gaming machines, AUS ‘PC can last up to 7 hours on battery power. It’s less than a classic ultraportable, of course, but it’s significantly more than other laptops equipped with such powerful components.

The Zephyrus G14 also has a few flaws, of course. We note in particular a screen with limited brightness, a design that is not very sought after and mastoc, but also the absence of a webcam or the impossibility of passing (through options) on a graphics card more muscular than the RTX 2060. A bias nevertheless motivated by the desire to avoid overheating inside a chassis fatally very collected. Nothing really embarrassing anyway.

2.ASUS TUF Gaming A15 2021

It is one of our favorites at the start of 2021, so it is only natural that it integrates our comparison of the best gaming laptops, with a place of choice. The TUF Gaming A15 2021 manages to offer us for less than 2000 euros a remarkable gaming experience with a relatively compact 15.6-inch format. An “affordable” and very powerful machine that we have been calling for for a long time.

The TUF Gaming A15 is not really a newcomer to ASUS, the device had already caught our eye last year, but its very passable quality IPS screen and its limited battery life had cooled us a little despite good performance and a damn well-designed chassis. This year, ASUS returns to the charge by correcting practically all the defects of a product which was already proving convincing. 

AMD and Nvidia: a duo that clashes (and that would almost make us forget Intel) 

To make the powder speak for its new TUF, ASUS combines one of the all new high performance Zen 3 chips from AMD for laptops, with the new [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] from Nvidia. On the model that we tested and that we recommend, we therefore found a Ryzen 7 5800H and an RTX 3070 in 95 W (or 3060 on entry-level models). This shocking duo allowed us to animate the last triple A in excellent conditions in 1080p. 

Cyberpunk 2077, which remains for the moment one of the most greedy games available, was for example animated at 40-50 FPS without significant drop in framerate and with all the settings pushed in ultra, ray tracing included. A great performance, coupled with the impeccable performance of the dissipation system which managed to control temperatures without raising the decibels too much. We naturally refer you to our test if you want to have more details on the performance of the TUF Gaming A15 2021.

A new screen, much more convincing and a surprising autonomy!

As we said, the new TUF A15 benefits from a new IPS display. Not content to finally offer us a visual experience worthy of the name (despite some shortcomings), this Sharp 1080p panel is able to cool down to 240 Hz (optional). A not so common asset that should appeal to fans of competitive titles.

On the battery side, ASUS has also revised its copy by integrating a large 90 Wh battery into its laptop, capable of offering up to 10h30 of autonomy in video playback according to our tests when the iGPU mode was active. Clever (and optional), this denier automatically cuts off the greedy RTX 3070 when the device is running on battery power, for the benefit of the GPU part of the Ryzen 7, which is much more economical. The technique is not new, but it works particularly well on the new TUF A15. Perfect for working on the go, without having to find a power outlet after 4 to 5 hours.

3. MSI GS66 Raider

MSI took advantage of CES 2021 to update its various gaming laptops. Among the models that were lucky enough to benefit from new components, the GP76 Leopard. This 17.3-inch device has an RTX 3070 paired with a Core i7-10870H. A powerful configuration for a machine that we really appreciated during our test, so here it comes in our reviews.

Bulky, quite heavy and overall not very discreet, the GP76 Leopard is a rather sedentary device that you probably won’t be moving every day. Its imposing size and thickness allow it on the other hand to rely on an efficient dissipation system because it is well dimensioned. If you like this product but want more compact, know that it also exists in a 15.6 inch version: it then takes the name of GP66 Leopard.

A (very) very efficient machine

With its GP76 Leopard, MSI doesn’t really compromise on power. The most interesting model (offered at around 2,400 euros) is thus equipped with a Core i7-10870H. The latter works hand in hand with an RTX 3070 whose TGP goes up to 140 W, which is practically the maximum allowed. This duo delivers top-notch performances that make it possible to bring all the titles to life in the best conditions in 1080p (native definition of the GP76 screen). 

During our test of the machine, for example, we had the opportunity to walk the streets of Night City for long hours without ever making dark cuts on the settings. Cyberpunk 2077 indeed managed to come alive at more than 60 FPS with all the settings in ultra, including the very greedy ray tracing. Clearly, the GP76 Leopard makes it possible not to ask any questions: you can push all the settings to the limit and enjoy a remarkably smooth gaming experience on just about any game.

A valid screen, but perfectible

As mentioned above, the GP76 is adorned with a 17.3 inch 1080p screen capable of going up to 144 Hz. Perfect for competitive titles. Unfortunately, this Innolux IPS panel is far from perfect, and although the display quality is generally correct, there are still some poorly faithful colors that may hamper the players who are most attentive to color fidelity.

Another fault, more negligible on a gaming laptop: the autonomy does not pass the 5 hour mark. Nothing could be more predictable with a battery of only soma prime build and such demanding components.

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