What is Web Hosting? Why do we need it?

What is Web Hosting??? There are unfathomable websites that exist on the internet and carry different sets of data. There are websites for shopping, gaming, storage, applications, cloud computing, and many other purposes. But have you ever had a thought that data available over the internet might also be stored somewhere?

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The websites that hold information for the users have their data stored on the servers that are responsible for the 24×7 availability of the data, protect the data from cyber attacks, and transferring the data such as texts, pictures, files, etc. to the user’s end from the servers. To understand it simply you are paying for the space your data is acquiring.

Types of Web Hosting

It is important to know about the types of web hosting that are available in the market. Each of them has its specific purpose. Your type of web hosting depends upon the nature of your website. Whether you are a normal website creator or any high professional website owner, there are different Hosting options available for every need.

Dedicated Web Hosting – The best class Hosting that is available. It gives the user full independence and control over the server. You are provided with your physical server. Therefore, you have the complete authority to mold and manage the Hosting options as per your preferences. It is highly reliable and extremely secured. It is generally for the expanded businesses and might be a failure for a smaller use as it involves high cost.

WordPress Web Hosting –WordPress Hosting is specially optimized for WordPress users. Compared to the dedicated web Hosting this one has less control over the server but is adequate for the people interested in WordPress websites. It involves low cost and is more user friendly and the major advantage enjoyed by the user is the pre-installed themes and plugins. While using WordPress websites people often get confused about where are WordPress posts and pages stored reading this tutorial will clear all your confusion.

Cloud Web Hosting – Cloud Hosting has gained immense popularity in the last few years as t is highly dependable. The best part of cloud Hosting is the multiple servers. These multiple servers act as the different routes to reach a destination when more than one or more servers are busy. All these servers carry the replicated data and are evenly accessed by the visitors. This is important to maintain your website’s goodwill if you’re the owner of a busy website. However, it is difficult to analyze the costs of this type of web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting – Unlike dedicated web Hosting, this type of Hosting is the solution for small businesses websites. In this type, there is a common server shared by multiple clients. Also, the features such as storage and memory of the servers are accessible by all the websites. It is less costly and requires minimum technical knowledge and also the maintenance is taken care of. However, there is only minor control over the server and unexpected traffic may affect your website activeness.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting – Similar to the shared web Hosting but, here you are provided with a confined space that can be solely used by you. Your storage and memory are reserved for you by the host. It curbs the problem of unexpected traffic that can be caused by different websites on the server.

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Why do we need web Hosting?

Once in a lifetime, everyone gets thought of maintaining a website. Once you make up your mind for the same, the first thing you need is the web hosting service from any provider. Nowadays, there are several providers to choose from as this business is excelling at a great pace. The web host will store all your files and data. These files will be accessible by anyone who inputs the address of your website in the browser.

Your web Hosting plan depends upon the type and the quantity of the data that is shared by you through the servers. You might have noticed especially on the government websites that whenever there is traffic on the website, it fails to deliver its purpose, this is because the server used for the data becomes incapable of sharing the data with the users.

You need to choose the web Hosting plan heedfully if you want to serve the purpose through your website. The reach of your website directly depends upon the quality of the servers as users prefer one tap hassle-free surfing and downloading. There are many easiest website builders for beginners available for your ease.

However, people end up choosing the wrong plan for their website Hosting as the growth and scope in the future of the website are always uncertain. To curb this problem to a considerable level, there are plans offered by web hosting companies that guarantee full money back for a certain period. During this time the user can analyze the usage as well as the standards which need to be met as per the expectations of the user. It is evident that as time passes, the website will grow irrespective of the pace, it will need more and more worthy plans that offer better services than the low-priced plans.

Conclusion For What Is Web Hosting And Why Do We Need It?

Maintaining a website has become easy when compared with earlier times. The amount of technical knowledge required is minimum nowadays to handle a website. Web Hosting does the job pretty well if you’re clear with your ideas. Just a small investment on the host and you’re good to go.

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