What kind of jobs should students pay attention to and why

Microsoft and Future Laboratory conducted a joint study of the situation in the labor market in the next ten years. They predicted the emergence of completely new professions of the future, exciting and inspiring, not yet existing today, but necessarily in demand in 2030.

According to them, the new wave of automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological changes, economic instability, social transformation call into question the existence of some modern professions in the future, from truck drivers to lawyers and bankers. All this will lead to the fact that in 2030 there will be a technological revolution and create conditions for the development of those jobs that are now in their infancy. This is why students may be interested in taking classes in robotics, and web development, which is time-consuming. As a student, I chose to pay someone to write my research paper, so I can have time for fun classes like robotics.

The applicant needs to think about it right now and start developing the necessary skills to master the professions of the future. As a result, they will be in demand in the next 10 years.

According to the researchers, by 2030, virtual reality will become a space where tens of millions of people will be able to work, study and relax. Digital worlds will be so exciting and realistic that they will be indistinguishable from real life. Over the next decade, this industry will evolve to create, maintain, and manage the existence of new virtual domains that will become part of our daily lives. And then there will be an explosion that will bring a number of completely new professions to the world labor market.

Specialist in creating virtual reality

So, by 2030, one of the most popular professions will be a specialist in creating virtual reality. Such a person will need to have the skills of a designer, architect, and urban planner-all to create realistic and fascinating worlds. He must also be a psychologist who is aware of what a person can feel in a particular place, environment, or state. In that virtual reality, there will also be a place for fantastic worlds in which the usual rules of gravity do not apply and travel to other planets is possible.

Robotics Engineer

The demand for robotics engineers will also grow. The researchers promise the dawn of the robot era within the next decade, as both manual labor specialists and support service representatives. Future Laboratory suggests that then society will need lawyers in the field of robotics, who will help robots and humans to coexist with each other.

By 2025, there will be a demand for multimedia artists, illustrators, and animators. In 2035, the importance of social media and Internet marketers to attract new and retain old customers will gradually increase. Museums, galleries, various catering establishments, etc. will need such services.


With the development of the so-called citizen science, there will be a need for freelance biohackers. This will lead to the fact that scientific discoveries can be made not only by professional scientists but also by amateurs with sufficiently strong and relevant knowledge in the field of biology, chemistry, starting from the search for the next generation of antibiotics to the creation of genetically modified creatures. Such individual or team research work will focus on the appropriate platform. Understanding scientific and medical methodology, combined with the processing of advanced analytical data, will be a key skill for graduates who dream of a career as a freelance biohacker, as well as having the patience, attention, imagination, and desire to work on a non-competitive basis.

Internet of Things Developers

By 2030, our homes and businesses will be entangled in a complex network of billions of digital devices, from washing machines, refrigerators to energy monitoring systems. Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated: devices control our health, sleep, and manage our daily work and recreation. According to research, in the near future, computer interfaces will be capable of making people read and save their thoughts and memories. In this regard, Microsoft analysts say that the need for professional interface engineers — backend developers who can collect and analyze data from disparate sources will increase.

Exotic professions of the future

In the future, there is a place for more exotic professions. For example, space tourism with the help of appropriate guides who can make such a trip safe and interesting. People of this profession will need to be able to navigate in the coordinates of satellites and celestial bodies to make exciting routes for tourists.

By 2030, many of today’s environmental problems will require prompt solutions. There will be a need for specialists in the restoration of natural resources, the viability of ecosystems. Such professionals will be engaged in the restoration of extinct species of animals and plants, trying to give the Earth its original appearance. We will also need energy professionals who will develop the use of natural energy sources and accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon-free economy.

In the next 100 years, the replacement of human tissues and organs may become an affordable and familiar procedure, thus allowing to prolong human life. This is the work of future designers of the human body.

Research conducted by Microsoft and Future Laboratory predicts the extinction of the usual professions, such as postman, farmer, cashier, carrier, travel agent, librarian, and driver.

On the other hand, not all of them can be replaced by robots. And yet, the professions of the future will require from the current applicants and students completely new skills, a versatile personality, creativity, patience, curiosity, and much more. This is a kind of challenge to the current generation, which has already been accepted by many of them. Are you one of them?

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