What Should A Corporate Video Include?

Video have become a greatest source to convey our message now a days. This is the most convenient and quickest way to let the people know about what you want them to know.

Today we are discussing a different type of video used by the companies to market themselves. This is called corporate video, let us have a look at it what it is, what is it used for and how can you make a good one?

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video as the name might indicate is a video made by the corporation, company or any organization for the corporation itself. It shows what company is about. Mostly it is not ales intended so it would not be consisting on any sales message. A corporate video is basically targeted to company’s core components, its demographics and the key personals, its employees. These types of videos are best known as “Recruiting videos”, as they are basically made with the intention of showing of company’s whereabouts and cream employees as well.

By this the company let the world know how great their working environment is and how well kept their employees are, so more people can join them.

Types of corporate video

There are many types of corporate videos, a few are mentioned below.

Promotional video

Staff training video

Event video

Product launch video

Safety video

Live web-casting

Brand video

Customers and clients’ testimonial videos


Useful resource: Best corporate videos

What Should a Corporate Video Include?

The big question now, what should you add in the corporate video, or if we rephrase the statement how should you make a corporate video? We are discussing the points, to be kept under consideration while making a corporate video, in detail here.


A very simple yet the most important thing is to determine your approach to the video. You should know what are you making your video about and with what perspective you will like to make your corporate video? Either you are going to take it in a serious to business like tone or a funny and light tone. You can even give the inspiration touch to your video.

Core idea

What is your main purpose behind creating the corporate video? What do you want to tell your viewers? These are the questions you must ask yourself before making the video. When you know the answer to these questions it is much simple work left to do. In short, you should convey your core idea behind making the video to your viewers as well.

Simple and specific

The key to good and engaging video is to be simple in conveying your message. Yet be very specific about what you want them to know. Avoid using jargons to make your content look heavy and linguistically great. Instead, use simple and convincing words and tone to keep the interest of your viewers.

Customer convenience

People watch a business video to know what you can provide them with. If they cannot be benefited in any way by you then obviously you are of no use to them. “Always keep the customer first”, this rule applies here as well. You must bring the benefits for your customers in front so that they will be interested in watching your content.


Video making approach has changed in the last era. Now without any storyline a video is almost a waste. So you should first create a story around the message you want to give, as story will keep them hooked ultimately giving away your core idea what you want to tell them.


You might be astonished at this point but this is more important than you think it is. Almost 85 percent of the Facebook videos are watched with sound off. Subtitles increase your video viewing by 80 percent. Just take a simple step towards increasing your viewership and ad subtitles to your video.

Don’t beat around the bush

Write your script and plan your video accordingly. Being concise gives you the advantage of interested viewership. Do not drag your video. Keep it short. The idea length is between 1 to 3 minutes. This is not too short and too long. Try to stick to this rule of thumb or else you will risk losing your viewers.

Plan before you act

Why are you making the corporate video? What is your target audience? What do you want to tell them? Plan everything before jumping on to making the video. This will save your time and resources. When you know who your audience is, you will find the video making process easier and simpler as you will know what the viewers like to know about you.

Target audience

All your video content should be about your viewers which are your potential customers. Target them and create your content accordingly. Just know before making any video that what will your audience be interested in. this way you would not be wasting your resources.

Location matters

When you are making a corporate video, it is about your company in any way. Choose a nice location of your company area to make a video. Show off what you have and be realistic about it, so the viewer will find the same thing when they visit you in person.

Background Music and sound quality

While editing the video with sound track, try to add on light background music which won’t over power the video content. And if there are audio and talking’s included, make sure the sound quality is not compromised. Because a bad sound quality will immediately turn off all the interest your viewers have in your video.

Launch it out

When you have created a masterpiece of a corporate video, launch it to the world. Share it on all social media platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and where ever you might think of.

Final words

No matter for what purpose you are making a corporate video, make sure to make it simple and realistic. We will suggest you to have your video made by BuzzFlick, an animation video production company.

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