As Singapore’s weather heats up, air-conditioning becomes a key purchase item. Yet, with the advent of new technologies and lower prices, this may no longer be an area where consumers are willing to skimp.

Choosing the right serviceman for your aircon services is now more important than ever. Reputable service providers who offer quality workmanship and diligent customer service are now in greater demand. So what are some of the factors you should consider when looking out for one?

1) Experience counts

What level of experience can you expect from your serviceman? Aircon servicing requires extensive training, particularly with all the new models that have hit the market. Only a handful of servicemen have undergone specialized training by manufacturers at their research facilities to learn about product design and workings, as well as how to repair different types of equipment. Such technical expertise therefore offers a good foundation for a competent service provider.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of certification

What accreditations does a serviceman have? The best way is to check if they are registered under the mandatory CEA scheme, which requires all aircon servicing providers who offer warranty on their workmanship and parts to register with the supplier or manufacturer. This ensures that your rights as a consumer are protected should there be any issues arising from faulty equipment within five years from date of purchase.

3) Be wary of those who provide free services

Many consumers assume that one good turn deserves another, but beware those offering ‘free’ services. Some unscrupulous firms may use these as bait to lure you into signing up for an expensive contract. Alternatively, they may bait and switch by offering a free service but ‘upselling’ the customer with additional unnecessary work once the serviceman is in your home.

There are many reputable firms who offer great deals, so do not be afraid to shop around. Ask friends and family for their recommendations, or check if a company has been featured in any of Singapore’s major newspapers. In addition, make sure to ask about the serviceman’s warranty policy before committing yourself to any deal. Remember that inexpensive does not always equate to value.

It is really important that people take care when choosing an aircon maintenance provider. The best way to protect yourself is to ask for proof of certification, experience and types of equipment serviced.

We would advise customers to check if the serviceman has provided references or testimonials from previous clients. If you are not comfortable with the person who comes over, make sure you do not sign any contract.

SoCool Services was set up years ago by and bring together many years of aircon servicing experience. Its founder’s backgrounds include expertise in sales, trading and technical support for major manufacturers.

Apart from comprehensive service contracts tailored to individual needs, SoCool offers free site surveys on all systems. This way, customers can make better decisions about their future servicing needs. It has serviced a big number of clients including hotels, hospitals and educational institutions. Also a lack of proper maintenance can cause serious wear and tear in air-conditioning units.

Since an air-conditioner operates with a closed loop system, disease-causing bacteria going into the unit can be blown all over the room when the blower starts up. These unhealthy contaminants include fungi and Legionella microbes which can cause respiratory infections.

Inhalation of these organisms may lead to pneumonia or Legionnaires ‘disease if one is already vulnerable due to underlying medical conditions such as lung diseases, compromised immune systems or certain chronic medical conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to check that the unit has been serviced and cleaned thoroughly.

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