What to Look for When Hiring a Comedian for an Event

Hosting events can be a daunting task, and one of the essential parts of the job is finding great entertainment for your audience. There are several different options that you can choose from when picking entertainment for your event, but the one that everyone least expects and most enjoys has to be standup comedians.

Every time a standup comedian gets on stage, nobody expects someone to go up and captivate an audience by simply telling them jokes and stories, but they never fail to do their job. When a solo person comes on stage, people think it is a music act, but when a comedian graces the scene, it is a pleasant surprise to everyone. Not to mention, everyone deserves a laugh now and then. 


When choosing a comedian, you have to think about the venue that they are going to perform because it could be detrimental to the way they approach their act. For example, if you hire a comedian and perform outside, he wasn’t aware of it. It might be more challenging for some people to hear certain things. 

This can, unfortunately, ruin an experience for people, so the most crucial part is to tell the performer where the venue is. That way, he or she can let you know what they need to make their performance happen. 


When it comes to standup comedians, the audience is everything. Frequently, standup comedians tell raunchy and inappropriate jokes, and depending on the audience, it could kill or tank. So when looking for a comedian to hire, make sure you know what kind of jokes they like to tell. 

For example, Bill Burr likes to make some borderline sexist jokes at his shows, and if you are having a party for a person who wouldn’t take kindly to these jokes, Bill Burr would not be the comedian to hire. Also, make sure you communicate with whomever you do end up hiring. That way, he or she knows the audience and knows what they should and shouldn’t say. 


When looking for a comedian, you have to consider how much experience they have performing in front of an audience. The more experience they have, the better. They will know how to make a set and what sort of materials they need for everyone’s enjoyment. 

Several great entertainment options could satisfy the audience at your venue. For example, live music is something that everyone comes to love and enjoy, but the thing that separates standup comedians from all other entertainment options is that it is still a hit if it tanks. 

There is something about the human race that loves to bully people, and when a standup comedian says a joke that isn’t funny, it is ok to heckle them. Now, if you get an experienced comedian like Damon Wayans Jr., it is a lot less likely to happen, but on the other hand, if a musician tanks, it is just a bad experience for the entire audience. That’s what makes standup so great either way it goes; it is a success.

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