What Topics Would Be Good for Your Payroll Business Blog?

Congratulations on launching your new payroll business. Along with setting up a website and your social media accounts, it makes sense to launch a blog. The question is, what sort of posts would help attract clients. There are a number of topics that would make your payroll business blog informative and promote your new business at the same time. Here are a few examples. 


Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for small business owners


Why would a small business owner want to use a payroll service rather than keeping the function in-house? There are quite a few reasons why outsourcing is a good idea. You can build more than one blog post around this one topic. 


When pointing out the advantages, make sure to appeal to the time and the money that can be saved. Don’t overlook the fact that the team at a service also stays up to date on anything that might impact the way the payroll must be calculated. 


Staying Up to Date on Withholding Changes


As a professional, you know that laws affecting withholding occur on a somewhat regular basis. Point out that a failure to comply can lead to a number of issues, including fines that the employer must pay. Your goal is to note that using a service helps to prevent this from happening. 


As part of the post, including how your team is kept up to date on all pending changes. It’s not just what they happen to be, but when they go into effect. This illustrates the care that you take in terms of doing the best job possible for your clients. 


Importance of Timely Payroll Processing


There’s definitely a place on a payroll business blog for a post or two about the importance of processing payroll in a timely manner. This is the type of post that will capture the attention of employees as well as business owners. That’s because everyone likes to be paid on time. 


Gear the posts to point out the safeguards that you take to ensure that payrolls are processed on time every time. Doing so will motivate more people to contact your service and want to talk about what you could do to help them with their payrolls. 


Understanding the Security of Payroll Data and Reports


While many people understand the basic service that you provide, not all of them know about how you ensure proprietary information is protected. This is a chance for you to shine in terms of pointing out the safeguards that allow employees to see their individual data while keeping that of their fellow employees protected. 


It’s also a chance to point out how employers can run reports that include payroll data and withholding for specific periods. That can come in handy with tasks like projecting costs for each department or planning budgets for an upcoming year. The fact that everything is secured and access is limited to those with the right credentials will certainly be a comfort to everyone concerned. 


You can come across more topics for your blog by having a word with your employees or even asking clients for some ideas. There’s a good chance that they will come up with some good ones that are also on the minds of other people. Don’t forget to include links to those posts on your social media accounts. You never know when one of them may reach a business owner who could use your services right this minute. 

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