Which is better gold, 9 or 18 karat?

The main difference between 9 and 18 karat gold is their gold content. 9 karat gold contains 37.5% pure gold while 18 karat gold contains 75% pure gold. This difference in purity leads to a price difference in favor of 375 thousandths gold. However, the value, brilliance and quality of 750 thousandths gold are clearly superior. Indeed, it is more luxurious, heavier and more resistant in the long term and its resale value is higher than 375 thousandths gold.

Thanks to its alloy of silver, copper…, 9 carat gold is harder than 18 carat gold. This durability makes it very brittle and more susceptible to knocks and scratches. And since the other metals in the 9-karat alloy are present in a higher percentage, it is likely to cause an allergic reaction in some people.

The choice between 9 carat and 18 carat will depend on your priorities and your budget. 750 gold is very popular for heirloom Wholesale Jewelry, which you can wear daily and which must cross the generations like an engagement ring, a wedding ring, wedding bands. While 375 gold is the alloy of high-end fashion jewelry, it makes for beautiful, affordable pieces that you will wear occasionally. When shopping for 9-karat gold jewelry, check the price-quality ratio carefully, as they are sometimes offered at prices higher than their quality.

Which is the best gold, 18 or 24 carats?

The difference between 24 karat and 18 karat gold is its purity. 24 karat gold is the pure version of gold. At this state, gold is heavy, shiny, bright yellow in color and attractive, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. 

Indeed, despite its slightly high value compared to 18-karat gold, it is very malleable, deforms quickly and can be easily damaged. 24 karat gold is often purchased in bullion form, as a safe haven or for investment purposes. It is also used in decorative gilding processes, in electronics and in medicine.

18 carat gold is the titration that allows a better balance between the magnificent luster of gold and a good solidity in order to hold the stones set and cross the generations. It comes in a wide range of different colors depending on the metals that make up its alloy, we find white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, red gold, black gold and even green gold. !

Which gold is the most expensive?

As you have understood, the price of gold is correlated to its purity. Each jewel will have a hallmark to indicate its titration (its gold content) and thus its value. It doesn’t matter if it is yellow, white, red, pink or other, gold will have the same price as long as it has the same “caratage”. In jewelry, white gold is sometimes offered at a higher price than yellow gold for purely marketing reasons.

The hallmark of gold

Hallmarking was created to protect consumers. In France, it started with King Louis IX. The state had appointed inspectors to examine precious metal products. They thus put their mark on the jewel in order to certify its quality. Today, it has become a prerequisite for the listing of any gold item over 3g.

The hallmark which shows the purity and fineness of the gold is affixed by the Paris guarantee office. It is responsible for testing and certifying jewelery made in France and those imported from abroad.

The maker’s mark is a small tool used to sign the jewel. Thus the brand or the creator will be responsible for the jewel, the characteristics and the information communicated to the customer.

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