Why Android App Development Is Better Than Java-Based Alternatives

In the enterprise, the Benefits of RAD Platform are fairly obvious. The flexibility offered by the software helps the enterprise to easily create custom apps that can match the corporate mission and vision. The software also enables the easy creation and deployment of enterprise-class features that are crucial in growing a business. Here are the other key advantages offered by the software in comparison with the traditional web-based apps:


One of the key benefits of enterprise RAD is that it offers a streamlined user interface. Users don’t have to understand the complex architecture behind the scenes. All they need to know is how to use the app and that’s it. If you compare the user interface of a web-based app with an enterprise version, you will notice the marked difference. The enterprise version usually offers more choices, options and customizations which make things more exciting.

Ease of Use:

It’s not just the user interface that gives an enterprise application modernization rad model an advantage over the other apps. Another important feature of this app development platform is its ease of use. It is designed to be simple enough for even an inexperienced user to use it with ease. Users just need to understand the structure and the workflow in order to start creating custom apps.


It is a known fact that Android apps are much more compatible than the iPhone or Blackberry counterparts. This is why companies often prefer Android over the others because it is easier to write business-specific apps for Android, while iPhone and Blackberry apps are not as open. Android apps are compatible across a wide range of devices from smartphones to tablet computers. On the other hand, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones are only compatible with a few handsets. You will need to know about open source low code application development platform.


Another benefit of the enterprise rad platform is that it offers complete extensibility. This means that any custom code can be written and executed on the platform, irrespective of the underlying devices and technologies they were developed for. This also makes it possible for third party developers to create apps that work across multiple devices. For example, a banking app developed for a smartphone could easily transfer funds between the smartphone and a tablet PC. The Android app developers just need to make sure that the transfer works on the specific device they have chosen for development.

Platform Independence:

Users are able to decide which operating system and version of an app they want to run on the platform. They can choose from the almost limitless Android ecosystem of apps. The enterprise apps can run on any platform whether it is Windows Phone, iPhones iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows, Symbian and so on. This is what makes the RAD platform so attractive. It gives users a choice. You can know more important things to visit here Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps low code alternatives.


An important benefit of the enterprise rad model is that it allows third party developers to customize it according to their needs. As an app developer, you can add your own customized features and functions to the system. This would allow you to develop your app for specific purposes. It is completely customized. However, this customization would not affect the performance of the app as it is already standardized and built upon the Android framework.

Another huge benefit of Android app development over java-based alternatives is that the operating system remains consistent. This means that users will not be confused with the look and feel of various platforms due to the fact that the platform functions similarly in all devices. This consistency across the different operating systems gives users the leverage to choose the one that suits their business best without having to invest in new development infrastructure.

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