Why Are Lift Kits Important for Off Roading?

Your Jeep is already a formidable machine. But to fine-tune it into the best off-road vehicle possible, you need the right mods – and lift kits are usually at the top of the list. Jeep lift kits offer many benefits that can help your vehicle go to more places and handle tougher terrain. If you’re new to off-roading and need the low-down on lift kits, keep reading. This guide explains how they can improve your Jeep’s performance.

 Increased Ride Height

You’ve probably noticed both suspension and body lift kits while browsing upgrades. There are major differences in how each one achieves lifts your Jeep. Body lift kits use spacers to increase the distance between a vehicle’s body and its frame. Inserting these spacers between the body and frame mounts accomplishes this goal. Meanwhile, you still have your vehicle’s stock suspension.

Equipping Bigger Tires

Switching to larger tires can gain a big advantage for your Jeep. Larger tires usually equal more ground contact and improved traction. Depending on the terrain, you may also experience improved handling and cornering.

Maybe you’ve browsed Jeep Gladiator upgrades and considered getting larger tires. If you plan to go bigger than 32 inches, you’ll definitely need to lift your Jeep. If you only want bigger tires, a body lift kit may be your best bet. For more extensive modifications, you may want to consider a suspension lift. But more on that in just a moment.

More Ground Clearance

Most Jeeps already have impressive ground clearance compared to other passenger vehicles. The Gladiator Mojave, for example, boasts a whopping 11.6 inches – the highest of any Jeep currently on the market. That’s a great start, but smart off-roaders prepare for the unexpected. It’s not unusual to encounter large rocks, fallen trees, standing water and other obstacles. And wouldn’t you rather effortlessly roll over them than hear the dreaded scraping sound from your undercarriage? With a suspension lift, you get more ground clearance. And that can make a huge difference.

Installing a Winch

No serious off-roader leaves home without a winch. But here’s the thing –  winches add weight to the front end of your vehicle. And as you probably know, many vehicles have a slightly higher rear end. The purpose is to decrease sagging if you’re carrying a heavier load. However, adding a winch can bottom the front end out depending on the extra weight.

Besides suspension and body lift kits, you can also find leveling kits for Jeeps. A front-end leveling kit can help balance your vehicle and accommodate the added weight from a winch. You can install the winch with confidence, knowing you’ll avoid too much front-end dipping or your wheels pushing against the front bumper.

Shopping for Your Lift Kit

Now that you know more about your Jeep lift kit options, you may be ready to start shopping. Whether you choose a body lift, suspension lift or leveling kit, the best place to look is a dedicated off-road performance products retailer. You’ll benefit from its wider product selection and expert assistance.

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