Why Customers Love Everlasting Comfort’s Wedge Cushion

Customers are raving about everlasting comfort’s wedge pillow because of its four-in-one ergonomic design, carrying handle, storage pocket, and soft air cover that is machine washable.

Why Customers Love Everlasting Comfort Wedge Pillow

You don’t have to be sleeping to enjoy the everlasting comfort bed wedge pillow. The everlasting comfort bed wedge pillow is a 12” by 24” by 24” memory foam cushion designed to improve your sleep and increase your overall comfort. 

Are you having trouble getting comfortable when you’re trying to fall asleep? Or how about when you are sitting in your living room? It can be hard to find the right accessories to ensure you are falling asleep and staying asleep, or even figuring out how to accessorize your living room for maximum comfort. 

Let us offer you a viable solution. Here are some of the top reasons customers are enjoying the comfort wedge pillow. 

Top Reasons Customers Enjoy The Comfort Wedge Pillow

1. Four-in-One Ergonomic Design

Let’s talk about the four-in-one ergonomic design. We designed the pillow for multiple uses to best fit your needs. You can place the pillow behind your back for lumbar support, under your head to elevate your head and neck while sleeping (this helps with heartburn, efficient air flow and even with sleep apnea), under your feet and legs for better blood circulation, under your knees for adequate joint support. 

The high density, gel infused memory foam design helps with all kinds of sleeping positions including, side sleepers, back sleepers and others. 

2. Incredible Design

One of the best parts about this cushion is its lightweight and durable design. There is nothing worse than having a bulky pillow that prevents comfortable sleeping movement and causes you to feel stuck. This is why we designed the pillow to be lightweight in nature at only 5.50 pounds and easy to bring with you. 

3. Carrying Handle

Speaking of bringing it with you, we have included a convenient carrying handle to make it easy to bring on all of your travels. It can be quite a daunting task to find accessories that are easy to travel with. With the carrying handle, you can easily take it with you and even use it to support your back on the plane. 

4. Storage Pocket

We include a storage pocket which makes it even easier to carry your personal belongings with you. You can slip your phone along with your favorite chapstick in the pocket for easier access. 

5. Soft, Breathable Air Cover Layer

We’ve all had that moment when we wake up feeling like we are being smothered by our pillow.  Knowing this, we designed the everlasting comfort wedge pillow with a soft, breathable air cover layer so you never have to fear being swallowed up by your pillow ever again. You can rest easy knowing you can breathe comfortably through your pillow case. 

6. Machine Washable

Speaking of the breathable pillow cover, we designed it to be machine washable because it’s extremely convenient. Sometimes it can be difficult to find items that are machine washable, but it can be a major hassle taking the time to hand wash all your items. We know how much of an inconvenience this can be, especially if you have a reasonably busy schedule. 

What Customers are Saying

When considering buying a new product, you probably want to know what customers are saying. After all, reviews can be a true revealer of whether a product really works or not. We may be a little biased, but our customers love to rave about our products. 

One customer says, “I am a side sleeper and I was surprised that this works well for me. The first night of receiving my significant other stole it and used it, the second night I got it back and now I know why he stole it. It is so comfortable. Needless to say I will be buying another one for him!” 

When we say we designed this pillow for multiple uses, we meant it. Even side sleepers are loving it. 

Another customer talks about having tried different pillows with memory foam, but the everlasting comfort cushion being the best of all of them. They also touch on the pillow providing support no matter what position you sleep in. 

We Love our Pillow

When we designed the everlasting comfort wedge pillow, we had you and your comfort in mind. We love our pillow, but love our happy customers even more. With its incredible, four-in-one ergonomic design, carrying handle, storage pocket, breathable and machine washable air cover, it’s hard not to love this pillow. 

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