Why Do Homes Have a Crawl Space?


Since your home’s crawlspace is not something you see all the time, you probably rarely think about it. Your home’s crawlspace plays an essential role in making your house a comfortable and safe place to live. There are some key points you should know about making the most of your home’s crawlspace.

What Is a Crawlspace?

The crawlspace is the area between the ground and the first floor of your home. Usually, your crawlspace will be unfinished and have a dirt floor. As the name implies, the crawlspace is small. It is usually two feet by two feet, leaving just enough room for you to crawl inside.

If your home is in the 15 percent of homes that have a crawlspace, it may serve as an access point to ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems in the house. It is used by repair technicians when there are issues with these systems.

What Purpose Does a Crawlspace Serve?

The crawlspace serves as a buffer between the first floor of your house and the ground underneath it. It allows air circulation below your home.

If your crawlspace is vented to your basement, it can make your living area more comfortable. During the winter months, the warm air created by your HVAC system will warm the crawlspace and the living areas above the crawlspace.

Ways You Can Make the Best Use of Your Crawlspace

What are crawlspaces used for in most homes? They are typically used as a way to run piping, wiring, and ductwork through the house. In large homes, larger crawlspaces can serve as a place to install an HVAC unit. Since the space is unrestricted, it is easy to access the systems that run through it and make the needed repairs.

Some homeowners use their crawlspace to store things. Before doing that, think about the items you are going to store and the level of moisture that is typically present in crawlspaces. If your crawlspace is unfinished, you may want to store construction materials that humidity won’t affect.

Also, remember that your crawlspace assists with the ventilation in your home. If your crawlspace is packed with storage, it will lose some of its effectiveness as a source of ventilation.

Things to Avoid Doing with Your Crawlspace

Because of its size and location under the home, children are attracted to it as a play area. However, children should not play in the crawlspace. The air quality of the crawlspace is usually poor and could negatively affect the child’s health over time.

Unless you live in an arid climate, you would not want to store things that can be damaged by humidity, such as food, books, furniture, or clothing. This can lead to damage, mold, and mildew. Storing food and other perishable items in a crawlspace could also attract pests.

Keep Your Crawlspace Maintained

Because of its size and location, it is easy to forget about your crawlspace. However, you want to keep your crawlspace well-maintained. If your crawlspace is exposed to moisture, it can impact your energy bill, the health of your home, and the health of your family. The professionals at ‘58 Foundations, a trusted five-star service provider, can help evaluate your crawlspace and offer suggestions for its repair.

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